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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 14.4

Application procedures and requirements.

    (a) Application address. Applications for approvals or extensions of approval under this Part may be sent to: U.S. Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration, Chief, Approval and Certification Center, 765 Technology Drive, Triadelphia, West Virginia 26059. Alternatively, applications for approval or extensions of approval may be filed online at <A HREF=""></A> or faxed to: Chief, Mine Safety and Health Administration Approval and Certification Center at 304-547-2044.

    (b) Approval application. Each application for approval of a conveyor belt for use in underground coal mines must include the information below, except any information submitted in a prior approval application need not be re-submitted, but must be noted in the application.

    (1) A technical description of the conveyor belt, which includes:
    (i) Trade name or identification number;
    (ii) Cover compound type and designation number;
    (iii) Belt thickness and thickness of top and bottom covers;
    (iv) Presence and type of skim coat;
    (v) Presence and type of friction coat;
    (vi) Carcass construction (number of plies, solid woven);
    (vii) Carcass fabric by textile type and weight (ounces per square yard);
    (viii) Presence and type of breaker or floated ply; and
    (ix) The number, type, and size of cords and fabric for metal cord belts.

    (2) The name, address, and telephone number of the applicant's representative responsible for answering any questions regarding the application.

    (c) Similar belts and extensions of approval may be evaluated for approval without testing using the BELT method if the following information is provided in the application:

    (1) Formulation information on the compounds in the conveyor belt indicated by either:
    (i) Specifying each ingredient by its chemical name along with its percentage (weight) and tolerance or percentage range; or
   (ii) Specifying each flame-retardant ingredient by its chemical or generic name with its percentage and tolerance or percentage range or its minimum percent. List each flammable ingredient and inert ingredient by chemical, generic, or trade name along with the total percentage of all flammable and inert ingredients.

    (2) Identification of any similar approved conveyor belt for which the applicant already holds an approval, and the formulation specifications for that belt if it has not previously been submitted to the Agency.
    (i) The MSHA assigned approval number of the conveyor belt that most closely resembles the new one; and
    (ii) An explanation of any changes from the existing approval.

    (d) Extension of approval. Any change in an approved conveyor belt from the documentation on file at MSHA that affects the technical requirements of this Part must be submitted for approval prior to implementing the change. Each application for an extension of approval must include:

    (1) The MSHA-assigned approval number for the conveyor belt for which the extension is sought;

    (2) A description of the proposed change to the conveyor belt; and

    (3) The name, address, and telephone number of the applicant's representative responsible for answering any questions regarding the application.

    (e) MSHA will determine if testing, additional information, samples, or material is required to evaluate an application. If the applicant believes that flame testing is not required, a statement explaining the rationale must be included in the application.

    (f) Equivalent non-MSHA product safety standard. An applicant may request an equivalency determination to this part under Sec. 6.20 of this chapter, for a non-MSHA product safety standard.

    (g) Fees. Fees calculated in accordance with Part 5 of this chapter must be submitted in accordance with Sec. 5.40.