MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 28.4
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 28.4

As used in this part

(a) Applicant means an individual, partnership, company, corporation, association, or other organization that designs, manufactures, assembles, or fabricates, or controls the design, manufacture, assembly, or fabrication of a fuse, and who seeks to obtain a certificate of approval for such fuse.

(b) Approval means a certificate or formal document issued by MSHA stating that an individual fuse or combination of fuses has met the minimum requirements of this Part 28, and that the applicant is authorized to use and attach an approval label or other equivalent marking to any fuse manufactured, assembled, or fabricated in conformance with the plans and specifications upon which the approval was based, as evidence of such approval.

(c) Approved means conforming to the minimum requirements of this Part 28.

(d) MESA means the United States Department of the Interior, Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration. Predecessor organization to MSHA, prior to March 9, 1978.

(e) MSHA means the United States Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration.

(f) Fuse means a device, no less effective than an automatic circuit breaker, for use with direct current which provides short-circuit protection for trailing cables in coal mines by interrupting an excessive current in the circuit.

[37 FR 7562, Apr. 15, 1972, as amended at 39 FR 24003, June 28, 1974; 43 FR 12316, Mar. 24, 1978]

Subpart B--Application for Approval