MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 33.9
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 33.9
Certification of dust-collecting systems.

Manufacturers of dust-collecting systems that are designed for integral use on machines with drilling equipment may apply to MSHA to issue a certificate of performance for such systems. To qualify for a certificate of performance, the dust-collecting system shall have met satisfactorily the test requirements of Subpart C under specified operating conditions, such as type of drilling equipment, drilling speed, and power requirements and the construction thereof shall be adequately covered by specifications and drawings officially recorded and filed with MSHA. Individual parts of dust-collecting systems will not be certified for performance. Certificates of performance may be cited to fabricators of combination units as evidence that further inspection and testing of the dust-collecting system will not be required, provided the dust-collecting requirements of the drilling equipment do not exceed the limits of performance for which the system was certified. Since MSHA does not sanction the use of the words "permissible" or "approved" except as applying to completely assembled equipment, dust-collecting systems, which have been certified only as to performance, shall not be advertised or labeled in a manner inferring that such systems themselves are permissible or approved by MSHA. However, a certified system may be advertised as suitable for use on combination units for which certification may be desired if the limits of its performance are cited. Certified dust-collecting systems shall bear labels or tags which shall contain the following: "Performance-tested Dust Collecting, System, MSHA File No. P/T______," and name of manufacturer, identifying numbers of the dust-collector parts, and description of the limitations for which performance is certified. MSHA will assign a P/T file number in the certification letter.