MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 36.20
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 36.20
Quality of material, workmanship, and design.
(a) MSHA will test only equipment that in the opinion of its qualified representatives is constructed of suitable materials, is of good quality workmanship, based on sound engineering principles, and is safe for its intended use. Since all possible designs, arrangements, or combinations of components and materials cannot be foreseen, MSHA reserves the right to modify the construction and design requirements of subassemblies or components and tests thereof to obtain the same degree of protection as provided by the tests described in Subpart C of this part.
(b) The quality of material, workmanship, and design shall conform to the applicable requirements of 18.24 of Part 18 of Subchapter D of this chapter (Schedule 2, revised, the latest revision of which is Schedule 2F), titled "Detailed requirements for Class I parts."
(b) The quality of material, workmanship, and design shall conform to the requirements of § 7.98(q) of this chapter.

(c) Power packages approved under part 7, subpart F of this chapter are considered to be acceptable for use in equipment submitted for approval under this part. Sections 36.21 through 36.26 (except § 36.25(f)) and Secs. 36.43 through 36.48 are not applicable to equipment utilizing part 7, subpart F power packages, since these requirements have already been satisfied.
[Sched. 31, 26 FR 645, Jan. 24, 1961, as amended at 61 FR 55526, Oct. 25, 1996]