MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 45.3
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 45.3
Identification of independent contractors.

(a) Any independent contractor may obtain a permanent MSHA identification number. To obtain an identification number, an independent contractor shall submit to the District Manager in writing the following information:

(1) The trade name and business address of the independent contractor;

(2) An address of record for service of documents;

(3) A telephone number at which the independent contractor can be contacted during regular business hours; and

(4) The estimated annual hours worked on mine property by the independent contractor in the previous calendar year, or in the instance of a business operating less than one full calendar year, prorated to an annual basis.

(Pub. L. No. 96-511, 94 Stat. 2812 (44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq.))

[45 FR 44496, July 1, 1980, as amended at 47 FR 14696, Apr. 6, 1982; 60 FR 33719, June 29, 1995]

For more information : See MSHA's Program Policy Manual