MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 46.11
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 46.11

Site-specific hazard awareness training.

(a) You must provide site-specific hazard awareness training before any person specified under this section is exposed to mine hazards.

  (b) You must provide site-specific hazard awareness training, as appropriate, to any person who is not a miner as defined by § 46.2 of this part but is present at a mine site, including:
    (1) Office or staff personnel;
    (2) Scientific workers;
    (3) Delivery workers;
    (4) Customers, including commercial over-the-road truck drivers;
    (5) Construction workers or employees of independent contractors who are not miners under § 46.2 of this part;
    (6) Maintenance or service workers who do not work at the mine site for frequent or extended periods; and
    (7) Vendors or visitors.
  (c) You must provide miners, such as drillers or blasters, who move from one mine to another mine while remaining employed by the same production-operator or independent contractor with site-specific hazard awareness training for each mine.

  (d) Site-specific hazard awareness training is information or instructions on the hazards a person could be exposed to while at the mine, as well as applicable emergency procedures. The training must address site-specific health and safety risks, such as unique geologic or environmental conditions, recognition and avoidance of hazards such as electrical and powered-haulage hazards, traffic patterns and control, and restricted areas; and warning and evacuation signals, evacuation and emergency procedures, or other special safety procedures.

(e) You may provide site-specific hazard awareness training through the use of written hazard warnings, oral instruction, signs and posted warnings, walkaround training, or other appropriate means that alert persons to site-specific hazards at the mine.

  (f) Site-specific hazard awareness training is not required for any person who is accompanied at all times by an experienced miner who is familiar with hazards specific to the mine site.