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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 46.12

Responsibility for independent contractor training.

  (a)(1) Each production-operator has primary responsibility for ensuring that site-specific hazard awareness training is given to employees of independent contractors who are required to receive such training under § 46.11 of this part.

(2) Each production-operator must provide information to each independent contractor who employs a person at the mine on site-specific mine hazards and the obligation of the contractor to comply with our regulations, including the requirements of this part.

  (b)(1) Each independent contractor who employs a miner, as defined in § 46.2, at the mine has primary responsibility for complying with § § 46.3 through 46.10 of this part, including providing new miner training, newly hired experienced miner training, new task training, and annual refresher training.

(2) The independent contractor must inform the production-operator of any hazards of which the contractor is aware that may be created by the performance of the contractor's work at the mine.