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MSHA -  Title 30 CFR


Subpart A--Purpose, Scope, Applicability, and Initial Miner Training
47.1 Purpose of a HazCom standard; applicability.
47.2 Operators and chemicals covered; initial miner training.

Subpart B--Definitions
47.11 Definitions of terms used in this part.

Subpart C--Hazard Determination
47.21 Identifying hazardous chemicals.

Subpart D--HazCom Program
47.31 Requirement for a HazCom program.
47.32 HazCom program contents.

Subpart E--Container Labels and Other Forms of Warning
47.41 Requirement for container labels.
47.42 Label contents.
47.43 Label alternatives.
47.44 Temporary, portable containers.

Subpart F--Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
47.51 Requirement for an MSDS.
47.52 MSDS contents.
47.53 Alternative for hazardous waste.
47.54 Availability of an MSDS.
47.55 Retaining an MSDS.

Subpart G--Reserved

H--Making HazCom Information Available
47.71 Access to HazCom materials.
47.72 Cost for copies.
47.73 Providing labels and MSDSs to customers.

Subpart I--Trade Secret Hazardous Chemical
47.81 Provisions for withholding trade secrets.
47.82 Disclosure of information to MSHA.
47.83 Disclosure in a medical emergency.
47.84 Non-emergency disclosure.
47.85 Confidentiality agreement and remedies.
47.86 Denial of a written request for disclosure.
47.87 Review of denial.

Subpart J--Exemptions
47.91 Exemptions from the HazCom standard.
47.92 Exemptions from labeling.

Authority: 30 U. S. C. 811, 825.