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MSHA -  Title 30 CFR

30 CFR § 47.87

Review of denial.

(a) The health professional, miner, or designated representative may refer the written denial to MSHA for review. The request for review must include a copy of-- (b) If MSHA determines that the identity of the trade secret chemical should have been disclosed, the operator will be subject to citation by MSHA.
(c) If MSHA determines that the confidentiality agreement would not sufficiently protect against unauthorized disclosure of the trade secret, MSHA may impose additional conditions to ensure that the occupational health services are provided without an undue risk of harm to the operator.
(d) If the operator contests a citation for a failure to release the identity of a trade secret chemical, the matter will be adjudicated by the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission. The Administrative Law Judge may review the citation and supporting documentation ``in camera'' or issue appropriate orders to protect the trade secret.