MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 49.6
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 49.6
Equipment and maintenance requirements.

    (a) Each mine rescue station shall be provided with at least the following equipment:

    (1) Twelve self-contained breathing apparatus, each with a minimum of 4 hours capacity (approved by MSHA and NIOSH under 42 CFR Part 84, Subpart H), and any necessary equipment for testing such breathing apparatus;

    (2) A portable supply of liquid air, liquid oxygen, pressurized oxygen, or oxygen generating chemicals, and carbon dioxide absorbent chemicals, applicable to the supplied breathing apparatus and sufficient to sustain each team for eight hours while using the breathing apparatus during rescue operations.

    (3) Two extra, fully-charged oxygen bottles for every six self- contained breathing apparatus;

    (4) One oxygen pump or a cascading system, compatible with the supplied breathing apparatus;

    (5) Twelve permissible cap lamps and a charging rack;

    (6) Four gas detectors appropriate for each type of gas that may be encountered at the mines served. Gas detectors must measure concentrations of methane from 0.0 percent to 100 percent of volume, oxygen from 0.0 percent to at least 20 percent of volume, and carbon monoxide from 0.0 parts per million to at least 9,999 parts per million.

    (7) [Reserved].

    (8) One portable mine rescue communication system (approved under part 23 of this title) or a sound-powered communication system.

    (i) The wires or cable to the communication system shall be of sufficient tensile strength to be used as a manual communication system.

    (ii) These communication systems shall be at least 1,000 feet in length.

    (9) Necessary spare parts and tools for repairing the breathing apparatus and communication system.

    (b) Mine rescue apparatus and equipment shall be maintained in a manner that will ensure readiness for immediate use.

    (1) A person trained in the use and care of breathing apparatus shall inspect and test the apparatus at intervals not exceeding 30 days and shall certify by signature and date that the inspections and tests were done.

    (2) When the inspection indicates that a corrective action is necessary, the corrective action shall be made and the person shall record the corrective action taken.

    (3) The certification and the record of corrective action shall be maintained at the mine rescue station for a period of one year and made available on request to an authorized representative of the Secretary.
For more information : See MSHA's Program Policy Manual