MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 50.11
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 50.11

(a) After notification of an accident by an operator, the MSHA District Manager will promptly decide whether to conduct an accident investigation and will promptly inform the operator of his decision. If MSHA decides to investigate an accident, it will initiate the investigation within 24 hours of notification.

(b) Each operator of a mine shall investigate each accident and each occupational injury at the mine. Each operator of a mine shall develop a report of each investigation. No operator may use Form 7000-1 as a report, except that an operator of a mine at which fewer than twenty miners are employed may, with respect to that mine, use Form 7000-1 as an investigation report respecting an occupational injury not related to an accident. No operator may use an investigation or an investigation report conducted or prepared by MSHA to comply with this paragraph. An operator shall submit a copy of any investigation report to MSHA at its request. Each report prepared by the operator shall include,

(1) The date and hour of occurrence;

(2) The date the investigation began;

(3) The names of individuals participating in the investigation;

(4) A description of the site;

(5) An explanation of the accident or injury, including a description of any equipment involved and relevant events before and after the occurrence, and any explanation of the cause of any injury, the cause of any accident or cause of any other event which caused an injury;

(6) The name, occupation, and experience of any miner involved;

(7) A sketch, where pertinent, including dimensions depicting the occurrence;

(8) A description of steps taken to prevent a similar occurrence in the future; and

(9) Identification of any report submitted under §50.20 of this part.