MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 50.30-1
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 50.30-1
General instructions for completing MSHA Form 7000-2.

(a) MSHA I.D. Number is the 7-digit number assigned to the mine operation by MSHA. Any questions regarding the appropriate I.D. number to use should be directed to your local MSHA District Office.

(b) Calendar Quarter: First quarter is January, February, and March. Second quarter is April, May, and June. Third quarter is July, August, and September. Fourth quarter is October, November, and December.

(c) County is the name of the county, borough, or independent city in which the operation is located.

(d) Operation Name is the specific name of the mine or plant to which the MSHA I.D. number was assigned and for which the quarterly employment report is being submitted.

(e) Company Name is the name of the operating company that this report pertains to.

(f) Mailing Address is the address of the mine office where the quarterly employment report is to be retained. This should be as near the operation as possible.

(g) Employment, Employee Hours, and Coal Production--(1) Operation Sub-Unit: (i) Underground Mine: Report data for your underground workers on the first line. If you have personnel working at the surface of your underground mine, report data for those persons on the second line;

(g)(1)(ii) Surface Mine (Including Shops and Yards): Report on the appropriate line, employment and coal production for the mining operation. For surface mining sub-units 03, 04, 05 and 06, include all work associated with shops and yards;

(g)(1)(iii) Mill Operations, Preparation Plants, Breakers: Report data on all persons employed at your milling (crushing, sizing, grinding, concentrating, etc.) operation, preparation plant, or breaker, including those working in associated shops and yards. (Do not include personnel reported in shops and yards associated with other sub-units.);

(g)(1)(iv) Office: Include in this category employees who work principally at the mine or preparation facility office.

(2) Average number of persons working during quarter: Show the average number of employees on the payroll during all active periods in the quarter. Include all classes of employees (supervisory, professional, technical proprietors, owners, operators, partners, and service personnel) on your payroll, full or part-time, Report Each Employee Under One Activity Only. For example: If one or more persons work both in the mine and the mill, report these employees under the activity where they spend most of their time. If necessary, estimate for the major activity. The average number may be computed by adding together the number of employees working during each pay period and then dividing by the number of pay periods. Do not include pay periods where no one worked. For example, during the quarter you had 5 pay periods where employees worked. The number of employees in each pay period was 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15 respectively. To compute the average, add the number of employees working each pay period (10 + 12 + 13 + 14 + 15 = 64). Then divide by the number of pay periods (64 divided by 5 = 12.8). Rounding this to the nearest whole number, we get 13 as the average number of persons working.

(3) Total employee-hours worked during the quarter: Show the total hours worked by all employees during the quarter covered. Include all time where the employee was actually on duty, but exclude vacation, holiday, sick leave, and all other off-duty time, even though paid for. Make certain that each overtime hour is reported as one hour, and not as the overtime pay multiple for an hour of work. The hours reported should be obtained from payroll or other time records. If actual hours are not available, they may be estimated on the basis of scheduled hours. Make certain not to include hours paid but not worked.

(4) Production of clean coal (short tons): This section is to be compiled only by operators of underground or surface mines, but not by operators of central or independent coal preparation plants or operators of metal or nonmetal mines. Enter the total production of clean coal from the mine. This must include coal shipped from the mine and coal used for fuel at the mine, but exclude refuse and coal produced at another mine and purchased for use at the mine.

(h) Other Reportable Data. Indicate the number of reportable injuries or illnesses occurring at your operation during the quarter covered by this report. Show the name, title, and telephone number of the person to be contacted regarding this report, and show the date that this report was completed.

Subpart E--Maintenance of Records; Verification of Information