MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 57.11053
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 57.11053
Escape and evacuation plans.
A specific escape and evacuation plan and revisions thereof suitable to the conditions and mining system of the mine and showing assigned responsibilities of all key personnel in the event of an emergency shall be developed by the operator and set out in written form. Within 45 calendar days after promulgation of this standard a copy of the plan and revisions thereof shall be available to the Secretary or his authorized representative. Also, copies of the plan and revisions thereof shall be posted at locations convenient to all persons on the surface and underground. Such a plan shall be updated as necessary and shall be reviewed jointly by the operator and the Secretary or his authorized representative at least once every six months from the date of the last review. The plan shall include:
(a) Mine maps or diagrams showing directions of principal air flow, location of escape routes and locations of existing telephones, primary fans, primary fan controls, fire doors, ventilation doors, and refuge chambers. Appropriate portions of such maps or diagrams shall be posted at all shaft stations and in underground shops, lunchrooms, and elsewhere in working areas where persons congregate;
(b) Procedures to show how the miners will be notified of emergency;
(c) An escape plan for each working area in the mine to include instructions showing how each working area should be evacuated. Each such plan shall be posted at appropriate shaft stations and elsewhere in working areas where persons congregate;
(d) A fire fighting plan;
(e) Surface procedure to follow in an emergency, including the notification of proper authorities, preparing rescue equipment, and other equipment which may be used in rescue and recovery operations; and
(f) A statement of the availability of emergency communication and transportation facilities, emergency power and ventilation and location of rescue personnel and equipment.
[60 FR 33719, June 29, 1995]