MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 57.6160
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 57.6160
Main facilities.


(a) Main facilities used to store explosive material underground shall be located--

(1) In stable or supported ground;

(2) So that a fire or explosion in the storage facilities will not prevent escape from the mine, or cause detonation of the contents of another storage facility;

(3) Out of the line of blasts, and protected from vehicular traffic, except that accessing the facility;

(4) At least 200 feet from work places or shafts;

(5) At least 50 feet from electric substations;

(6) A safe distance from trolley wires; and

(7) At least 25 feet from detonator storage facilities.

(b) Main facilities used to store explosive material underground shall be--

(1) Posted with warning signs that indicate the contents and are visible from any approach;

(2) Used exclusively for the storage of explosive material and necessary equipment associated with explosive material storage and delivery;

(b)(2)(i) Portions of the facility used for the storage of explosives shall only contain nonsparking material or equipment.

(b)(2)(ii) The blasting agent portion of the facility may be used for the storage of other necessary equipment.

(3) Kept clean, suitably dry, and orderly;

(4) Provided with unobstructed ventilation openings;

(5) Kept securely locked unless all access to the mine is either locked or attended; and

(6) Unlighted or lighted only with devices that do not create a fire or explosion hazard and which are specifically designed for use in magazines.

(c) Electrical switches and outlets shall be located outside the facility.

[58 FR 69596, Dec. 30, 1993]