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MSHA -  Title 30 CFR
30 CFR §62.175

Notification of Results; reporting requirements

(a) The mine operator must, within 10 working days of receiving the results of an audiogram, or receiving the results of a follow-up evaluation required under §62.173 of this part, notify the miner in writing of:
(1) the results and interpretation of the audiometric test, including any finding of a standard threshold shift or reportable hearing loss; and
(2) the need and reasons for any further testing or evaluation, if applicable.
(b) When evaluation of the audiogram shows that a miner has incurred a reportable hearing loss as defined in this part, the mine operator must report such loss to MSHA as a noise-induced hearing loss in accordance with part 50 of this title, unless a physician or audiologist has determined that the loss is neither work-related nor aggravated by occupational noise exposure.