MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 7.9
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 7.9

(a) MSHA may revoke for cause an approval issued under this part if the product:

(1) Fails to meet the applicable technical requirements; or

(2) Creates a hazard when used in a mine.

(b) Prior to revoking an approval, the approval-holder shall be informed in writing of MSHA's intention to revoke approval. The notice shall:

(1) Explain the specific reasons for the proposed revocation; and

(2) Provide the approval-holder an opportunity to demonstrate or achieve compliance with the product approval requirements.

(c) Upon request, the approval-holder shall be afforded an opportunity for a hearing.

(d) If a product poses an imminent hazard to the safety or health of miners, the approval may be immediately suspended without a written notice of the agency's intention to revoke. The suspension may continue until the revocation proceedings are completed.

Subpart B--Brattice Cloth and Ventilation Tubing