MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 71.0
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MSHA -  Title 30 CFR

Subpart A--General


71.1    Scope.

71.2    Definitions.

Subpart    B--Dust Standards

71.100    Respirable dust standard.

71.101    Respirable dust standard when quartz is present.

Subpart    C--Sampling Procedures

71.201    Sampling; general requirements.

71.202    Certified person; sampling.

71.203    Certified person; maintenance and calibration.

71.204    Approved sampling devices; maintenance and calibration.

71.205    Approved sampling devices; operation; air flowrate.

71.206    Approved sampling devices; equivalent concentrations.

71.207    [Reserved]

71.208    Bimonthly sampling; designated work positions.

71.209    Respirable dust samples; transmission by operator.

71.210    Respirable dust samples; report to operator; posting.

71.220    Status change reports.

Subpart    D--Respirable Dust Control Plans

71.300    Respirable dust control plan; filing requirements.

71.301    Respirable dust control plan; approval by District Manager and posting.

Subpart    E--Surface Bathing Facilities, Change Rooms, and Sanitary Flush Toilet Facilities at Surface Coal Mines

71.400    Bathing facilities; change rooms; sanitary flush toilet facilities.

71.401    Location of facilities.

71.402    Minimum requirements for bathing facilities, change rooms, and sanitary flush toilet facilities.

71.403    Waiver of surface facilities requirements; posting of waiver.

71.404    Application for waiver of surface facilities requirements.

Subpart    F--Sanitary Toilet Facilities at Surface Worksites of Surface Coal Mines

71.500    Sanitary toilet facilities at surface worksites; approved sanitary toilets; installation requirements.

71.501    Sanitary toilet facilities; maintenance.

Subpart    G--Drinking Water

71.600    Drinking water; general.

71.601    Drinking water; quality.

71.602    Drinking water; distribution.

71.603    Drinking water; dispensing requirements.

Subpart    H--Airborne Contaminants

71.700    Inhalation hazards; threshold limit values for gases, dusts, fumes, mists, and vapors.

71.701    Sampling; general requirements.

71.702    Asbestos dust standard; measurement.

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SOURCE:    37 FR 6368, Mar. 28, 1972, unless otherwise noted.