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MSHA -  Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 72.503 Determination of emissions; filter maintenance; definition of "introduced".

   (a) MSHA will determine compliance with the emission requirements established by this part by using the amount of diesel particulate matter emitted by a particular engine determined from the engine approval pursuant to § 7.89(a)(9)(iii)(B) or § 7.89(a)(9)(iv)(A) of this title, with the exception of engines deemed to be in compliance by meeting the EPA requirements specified in Table 72.502-1 ( § 72.502(b)).
   (b) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section, the amount by which an aftertreatment device can reduce engine emissions of diesel particulate matter as determined pursuant to paragraph (a) must be established by a laboratory test:
   (1) on an approved engine which MSHA has determined, pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, to emit no more diesel particulate matter than the engine being used in the piece of diesel-powered equipment in question;
   (2) using the test cycle specified in Table E-3 of § 7.89 of this title, and following a test procedure appropriate for the filtration system, by a laboratory capable of testing engines in accordance with the requirements of Subpart E of part 7 of this title; and
   (3) with an aftertreatment device representative of that being used on the piece of diesel-powered equipment in question.
   (c) In lieu of the laboratory tests required by paragraph (b), the Secretary may accept the results of tests conducted or certified by an organization whose testing standards are deemed by the Secretary to be as rigorous as those set forth by paragraph (b) of this section; and further, the Secretary may accept the results of tests for one aftertreatment device as evidencing the efficiency of another aftertreatment device which the Secretary determines to be essentially identical to the one tested.
   (d) Operators must maintain in accordance with manufacturer specifications and free of observable defects, any aftertreatment device installed on a piece of diesel equipment upon which the operator relies to remove diesel particulate matter from diesel emissions.
   (e) For purposes of Secs. 7.500(a),7.501(a) and 7.502(a), the term "introduced" means any piece of equipment whose engine is a new addition to the underground inventory of engines of the mine in question, including newly purchased equipment, used equipment, and equipment receiving a replacement engine that has a different serial number than the engine it is replacing. "Introduced" does not include a piece of equipment whose engine was previously part of the mine inventory and rebuilt.