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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 72.510 Miner health training.

    (a) Operators must provide annual training to all miners at a mine who can reasonably be expected to be exposed to diesel emissions on that property. The training must include--
   (1) The health risks associated with exposure to diesel particulate matter;
   (2) The methods used in the mine to control diesel particulate matter concentrations;
   (3) Identification of the personnel responsible for maintaining those controls; and
   (4) Actions miners must take to ensure the controls operate as intended.
   (b)(1) An operator must keep a record of the training at the mine site for one year after completion of the training. An operator may keep the record elsewhere if the record is immediately accessible from the mine site by electronic transmission.
   (2) Upon request from an authorized representative of the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, or from the authorized representative of miners, mine operators must promptly provide access to any such training record. Whenever an operator ceases to do business, that operator must transfer the training records, or a copy, to any successor operator who must maintain them for the required period.