MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 74.14
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 74.14
Certificate of approval.

    (a) Upon completion of the testing of a CMDPSU or the pump unit or after review of testing protocols and testing results for the CPDM, NIOSH or MSHA, as appropriate, shall issue to the applicant either a certificate of approval or a written notice of disapproval. NIOSH will not issue a certificate of approval unless MSHA has first issued a certificate of approval for either the pump unit of a CMDPSU or for the CPDM. If a certificate of approval is issued, no test data or detailed results of tests will accompany such approval. If a notice of disapproval is issued, it will be accompanied by details of the defects, resulting in disapproval, with a view to possible correction.
    (b) A certificate of approval will be accompanied by a list of the drawings and specifications covering the details of design and construction of the CMDPSU and the pump unit, or of the CPDM, as appropriate, upon which the certificate of approval is based. The applicant shall keep exact duplicates of the drawings and specifications submitted to NIOSH and to MSHA relating to the CMDPSU, the pump unit thereof, or the CPDM, which has received a certificate of approval. The approved drawings and specifications shall be adhered to exactly in the production of the certified CMDPSU, including the pump unit or of the CPDM, for commercial purposes. In addition, the applicant shall observe such procedures for, and keep such records of, the control of component parts as either MSHA or NIOSH may in writing require as a condition of approval.