MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 75.0-1
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
Editorial Note: Based on FedReg. Doc. E8-30639, compliance dates were set. The compliance dates are as follows:
    Each mine operator shall comply with the following sections by the dates listed below.
        1. § § 75.156(a), 75.350(b), and 75.1731 by March 2, 2009.
        2. § 75.333(c)(4) by March 31, 2009.
        3. § § 75.380(d)(7), 75.380(f), 75.381(e)(5), and 75.381(f) by June 30, 2009.
        4. § § 75.350(a)(2), 75.351(e)(2), 75.1103-4(a), 75.1108(a), and 75.1108(b) December 31, 2009.
        5. § 75.1108(c) by December 31, 2018.
        6. Each mine operator required to use an atmospheric monitoring system under Sec. 75.350(b) shall
           comply with the following sections within 60 days after approval of the mine ventilation plan by the
           district manager.



Subpart L--Fire Protection

75.1100 Requirements.

75.1100-1 Type and quality of firefighting equipment.

75.1100-2 Quantity and location of firefighting equipment.

75.1100-3 Condition and examination of firefighting equipment.

75.1101 Deluge-type water sprays, foam generators; main and secondary belt-conveyor drives.

75.1101-1 Deluge-type water spray systems.

75.1101-2 Installation of deluge-type sprays.

75.1101-3 Water requirements.

75.1101-4 Branch lines.

75.1101-5 Installation of foam generator systems.

75.1101-6 Water sprinkler systems; general.

75.1101-7 Installation of water sprinkler systems; requirements.

75.1101-8 Water sprinkler systems; arrangement of sprinklers.

75.1101-9 Back-up water system.

75.1101-10 Water sprinkler systems; fire warning devices at belt drives.

75.1101-11 Inspection of water sprinkler systems.

75.1101-12 Equivalent dry-pipe system.

75.1101-13 Dry powder chemical systems; general.

75.1101-14 Installation of dry powder chemical systems.

75.1101-15 Construction of dry powder chemical systems.

75.1101-16 Dry powder chemical systems; sensing and fire suppression devices.

75.1101-17 Sealing of dry powder chemical systems.

75.1101-18 Dry powder requirements.

75.1101-19 Nozzles; flow rate and direction.

75.1101-20 Safeguards for dry powder chemical systems.

75.1101-21 Back-up water system.

75.1101-22 Inspection of dry powder chemical systems.

75.1102 Slippage and sequence switches.

75.1103 Automatic fire warning devices.

75.1103-1 Automatic fire sensors.

75.1103-2 Automatic fire sensors; approved components; installation requirements.

75.1103-3 Automatic fire sensor and warning device systems; minimum requirements; general.

75.1103-4 Automatic fire sensor and warning device systems; installation; minimum requirements.

75.1103-5 Automatic fire warning devices; actions and response.

75.1103-6 Automatic fire sensors; actuation of fire suppression systems. systems.

75.1103-7 Electrical components; permissibility requirements.

75.1103-8Automatic fire sensor and warning device systems; examination and test requirements.

75.1103-9 Minimum requirements; fire suppression materials and location; maintenance of entries and crosscuts; access doors; communications; fire crews: high-expansion foam devices.

75.1103-10 Fire suppression systems; additional requirements.

75.1103-11 Tests of fire hydrants and fire hose; record of tests.

75.1104 Underground storage, lubricating oil and grease.

75.1106 Welding, cutting, or soldering with arc or flame underground.

75.1106-1 Test for methane.


75.1106-2 Transportation of liquefied and nonliquefied gas cylinders; requirements.

75.1106-3 Storage of liquefied and nonliquefied compressed gas cylinders; requirements.

75.1106-4 Use of liquefied and nonliquefied compressed gas cylinders; general requirements.

75.1106-5 Maintenance and tests of liquefied and nonliquefied compressed gas cylinders; accessories and equipment; requirements.

75.1106-6 Exemption of small low pressure gas cylinders containing nonflammable or nonexplosive gas mixtures.


75.1107 Fire suppression devices.

75.1107-1 Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and fire suppression devices on underground equipment.

75.1107-2 Approved fire-resistant hydraulic fluids; minimum requirements.

75.1107-3 Fire suppression devices; approved components; installation requirements.

75.1107-4 Automatic fire sensors and manual actuators; installation; minimum requirements.

75.1107-5 Electrical components of fire suppression devices; permissibility requirements.

75.1107-6 Capacity of fire suppression devices; location and direction of nozzles.

75.1107-7 Water spray devices; capacity; water supply; minimum requirements.

75.1107-8 Fire suppression devices; extinguishant supply systems.

75.1107-9 Dry chemical devices; capacity; minimum requirements.

75.1107-10 High expansion foam devices; minimum capacity.

75.1107-11 Extinguishing agents; requirements on mining equipment employed in low coal.

75.1107-12 Inerting of mine atmosphere prohibited.

75.1107-13 Approval of other fire suppression devices.

75.1107-14 Guards and handrails; requirements where fire suppression devices are employed.

75.1107-15 Fire suppression devices; hazards; training of miners.

75.1107-16 Inspection of fire suppression devices.

75.1107-17 Incorporation by reference; availability of publications.

75.1108 Approved conveyor belts

Subpart M--Maps

75.1200 Mine map.

75.1200-1 Additional information on mine map.

75.1200-2 Accuracy and scale of mine maps.

75.1201 Certification.

75.1202 Temporary notations, revisions, and supplements.

75.1202-1 Temporary notations, revisions, and supplements.

75.1203 Availability of mine map.

75.1204 Mine closure; filing of map with Secretary.

75.1204-1 Places to give notice and file maps.

Subpart N--Explosives and Blasting

75.1300 Definitions.

75.1301 Qualified person.

75.1310 Explosives and blasting equipment.

75.1311 Transporting explosives and detonators.

75.1312 Explosives and detonators in underground magazines.

75.1313 Explosives and detonators outside of magazines.

75.1314 Sheathed explosive units.

75.1315 Boreholes for explosives.

75.1316 Preparation before blasting.

75.1317 Primer cartridges.

75.1318 Loading boreholes.

75.1319 Weight of explosives permitted in boreholes in bituminous and lignite mines.

75.1320 Multiple-shot blasting.

75.1321 Permit for firing more than 20 boreholes and to use nonpermissible blasting units.

75.1322 Stemming boreholes.

75.1323 Blasting circuits.

75.1324 Methane concentration and tests.

75.1325 Firing procedure.

75.1326 Examination after blasting.

75.1327 Misfires.

75.1328 Damaged or deteriorated explosives and detonators.

Subpart O--Hoisting and Mantrips

75.1400 Hoisting equipment; general.

75.1400-1 Hoists; brakes, capability.

75.1400-2 Hoists; tests of safety catches; records.

75.1400-3 Daily examination of hoisting equipment.

75.1400-4 Certifications and records of daily examinations.

75.1401 Hoists; rated capacities; indicators.

75.1401-1 Hoists; indicators.

75.1402 Communication between shaft stations and hoist room.

75.1402-1 Communication between shaft stations and hoist room.

75.1402-2 Tests of signaling systems.

75.1403 Other safeguards.

75.1403-1 General criteria.

75.1403-2 Criteria Hoists transporting materials; brakes.

75.1403-3 Criteria Drum clutch; cage construction.

75.1403-4 Criteria Automatic elevators.

75.1403-5 Criteria Belt conveyors.

75.1403-6 Criteria Self-propelled personnel carriers.

75.1403-7 Criteria Mantrips.

75.1403-8 Criteria Track haulage roads.

75.1403-9 Criteria Shelter holes.

75.1403-10 Criteria Haulage; general.

75.1403-11 Criteria Entrances to shafts and slopes.

75.1404 Automatic brakes; speed reduction gear.

75.1404-1 Braking system.

75.1405 Automatic couplers.

75.1405-1 Automatic couplers, haulage equipment.


75.1429 Guide ropes.

75.1430 Wire ropes; scope.

75.1431 Minimum rope strength.

75.1432 Initial measurement.

75.1433 Examinations.

75.1434 Retirement criteria.

75.1435 Load end attachments.

75.1436 Drum end attachment.

75.1437 End attachment retermination.

75.1438 End attachment replacement.

Subpart P-- Mine Emergencies

75.1500 [Reserved]

75.1501 Emergency evacuations.

75.1502 Mine emergency evacuation and firefighting program of instruction.

75.1503Use of fire suppression equipment.

75.1504Mine emergency evacuation training and drills.

75.1505Escapeway maps.

75.1506Refuge alternatives.

75.1507Emergency Response Plan; refuge alternatives.

75.1508Training and records for examination, maintenance and repair of refuge alternatives and components.

Subpart Q--Communications

75.1600 Communications.

75.1600-1 Communication facilities; main portals; installation requirements.

75.1600-3 Communications facilities; refuge alternatives.

Subpart R--Miscellaneous

75.1700 Oil and gas wells.

75.1702 Smoking; prohibition.

75.1702-1 Smoking programs.

75.1703 Portable electric lamps.

75.1703-1 Permissible lamps.

75.1708 Surface structures, fireproofing.

75.1708-1 Surface structures; fireproof construction.

75.1709 Accumulations of methane and coal dust on surface coal-handling facilities.

75.1710 Canopies or cabs; electric face equipment.

75.1710-1 Canopies or cabs; self-propelled electric face equipment; installation requirements.

75.1711 Sealing of mines.

75.1711-1 Sealing of shaft openings.

75.1711-2 Sealing of slope or drift openings.

75.1711-3 Openings of active mines.

75.1712 Bath houses and toilet facilities.

75.1712-1 Availability of surface bathing facilities; change rooms; and sanitary facilities.

75.1712-2 Location of surface facilities.

75.1712-3 Minimum requirements of surface bathing facilities, change rooms, and sanitary toilet facilities.

75.1712-4 Waiver of surface facilities requirements.

75.1712-5 Application for waiver of surface facilities.

75.1712-6 Underground sanitary facilities; approved sanitary toilets; installation and maintenance.

75.1712-7 Underground sanitary facilities; waiver of requirements.

75.1712-8 Application for waiver of location requirements for underground sanitary facilities.

75.1712-9 Issuance of waivers.

75.1712-10 Underground sanitary facilities; maintenance.

75.1713 Emergency medical assistance; first-aid.

75.1713-1 Arrangements for emergency medical assistance and transportation for injured persons; agreements; reporting requirements; posting requirements.

75.1713-2 Emergency communications; requirements.

75.1713-3 First-Aid training; supervisory employees.

75.1713-4 First-aid training program; availability of instruction to all miners.

75.1713-5 First-aid training program; retraining of supervisory employees; availability to all miners.

75.1713-6 First-aid training program; minimum requirements.

75.1713-7 First-aid equipment; location; minimum requirements.

75.1714 Availability of approved self-rescue devices; instruction in use and location.

75.1714-1 Approved self-rescue devices.

75.1714-2 Self-rescue devices; use and location requirements.

75.1714-3 Self-rescue devices; inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, and record-keeping.

75.1714-4 Additional Self-Contained Self-Rescuers.

75.1714-5 Map locations of Self-Contained Self-Rescuers.

75.1714-6Emergency tethers.

75.1714-7Multi-gas detectors.

75.1714-8Reporting SCSR inventory and malfunctions; retention of SCSRs.

75.1715 Identification check system.

75.1716 Operations under water.

75.1716-1 Operations under water; notification by operator.

75.1716-2 Permit required.

75.1716-3 Applications for permits.

75.1716-4 Issuance of permits.

75.1717 Exemptions.

75.1718 Drinking water.

75.1718-1 Drinking water; quality.

75.1719 Illumination; purpose and scope of §75.1719 through 75.1719-4; time for compliance.

75.1719-1 Illumination in working places.

75.1719-2 Lighting fixtures; requirements.

75.1719-3 Methods of measurement; light measuring instruments.

75.1719-4 Mining machines, cap lamps; requirements.

75.1720 Protective clothing; requirements.

75.1720-1 Distinctively colored hard hats, or hard caps; identification for newly employed, inexperienced miners.

75.1721 Opening of new underground coal mines, or reopening and reactivating of abandoned or deactivated coal mines; notification by the operator; requirements.

75.1722 Mechanical equipment guards.

75.1723 Stationary grinding machines; protective devices.

75.1724 Hand-held power tools; safety devices.

75.1725 Machinery and equipment; operation and maintenance.

75.1726 Performing work from a raised position; safeguards.

75.1727 Drive belts.

75.1728 Power-driven pulleys.

75.1729 Welding operations.

75.1730 Compressed air; general; compressed air systems.

75.1731 Maintenance of belt conveyors and belt conveyor entries.

Subpart S -- Reserved

Subpart T --Diesel-Powered Equipment

75.1900 Definitions.

75.1901 Diesel fuel requirements.

75.1902 Underground diesel fuel storage--general requirements.

75.1903 Underground diesel fuel storage facilities and areas; construction and safety precautions

75.1904 Underground diesel fuel tanks and safety cans.

75.1905 Dispensing of diesel fuel.

75.1905-1 Diesel fuel piping systems.

75.1906 Transport of diesel fuel.

75.1907 Diesel-powered equipment intended for use in underground coal mines.

75.1908 Nonpermissible diesel-powered equipment-categories.

75.1909 Nonpermissible diesel-powered equipment; design and performance requirements.

75.1910 Nonpermissible diesel-powered equipment; electrical system design and performance requirements.

75.1911 Fire suppression systems for diesel-powered equipment and diesel fuel transportation units.

75.1912 Fire suppression systems for permanent underground diesel fuel storage facilities.

75.1913 Starting aids.

75.1914 Maintenance of diesel-powered equipment.

75.1915 Training and qualification of persons working on diesel-powered equipment.

75.1916 Operation of diesel-powered equipment.