MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 75.1103-9
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 75.1103-9
Minimum requirements; fire suppression materials and location; maintenance of entries and crosscuts; access doors; communications; fire crews; high-expansion foam devices.

(a) The following materials shall be stored within 300 feet of each belt drive or at a location where the material can be moved to the belt drive within 5 minutes, except that when the ventilating current in the belt haulageway travels in the direction of the normal movement of coal on the belt, the materials shall be stored within 300 feet of the belt tailpiece or at a location where the materials can be moved to the belt tailpiece within 5 minutes.

(1) 500 feet of fire hose, except that if the belt flight is less than 500 feet in length the fire hose may be equal to the length of the belt flight. A high expansion foam device may be substituted for 300 feet of the 500 feet of the fire hose. Where used, such foam generators shall produce foam sufficient to fill 100 feet of the belt haulageway in not more than 5 minutes. Sufficient power cable and water hose shall be provided so that the foam generator can be installed at any crosscut along the belt by which the generator is located. A 1-hour supply of foam producing chemicals and tools and hardware required for its operation shall be stored at the foam generator.

(2) Tools to open a stopping between the belt entry and the adjacent intake entry; and

(3) 240 pounds of bagged rock dust.

(b) The entry containing the main waterline and the crosscuts containing water outlets between such entry and the belt haulageway (if the main waterline is in an adjacent entry) shall be maintained accessible and in safe condition for travel and firefighting activities. Each stopping in such crosscuts or adjacent crosscuts shall have an access door.

(c) Suitable communication lines extending to the surface shall be provided in the belt haulageway or adjacent entry.

(d) The fire suppression system required at the belt drive shall include the belt discharge head.

(e) A crew consisting of at least five members for each working shift shall be trained in firefighting operations. Fire drills shall be held at intervals not exceeding 6 months.

[37 FR 16546, Aug. 16, 1972]