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MSHA - Title 30 CFR

30 CFR § 75.1501
Emergency evacuations.

(a) For each shift that miners work underground, there shall be in attendance a responsible person designated by the mine operator to take charge during mine emergencies involving a fire, explosion, or gas or water inundation.

    (1) The responsible person shall have current knowledge of the assigned location and expected movements of miners underground, the operation of the mine ventilation system, the locations of the mine escapeways and refuge alternatives, the mine communications system, any mine monitoring system if used, locations of firefighting equipment, the mine's Emergency Response Plan, the Mine Rescue Notification Plan, and the Mine Emergency Evacuation and Firefighting Program of Instruction.

    (2) The responsible person shall be trained annually in a course of instruction in mine emergency response, as prescribed by MSHA's Office of Educational Policy and Development. The course will include topics such as the following:

    (i) Organizing a command center;

    (ii) Coordinating firefighting personnel;

    (iii) Deploying firefighting equipment;

    (iv) Coordinating mine rescue personnel;

    (v) Establishing fresh air base;

    (vi) Deploying mine rescue teams;

    (vii) Providing for mine gas sampling and analysis;
    (viii) Establishing security;
    (ix) Initiating an emergency mine evacuation;

    (x) Contacting emergency personnel; and

    (xi) Communicating appropriate information related to the emergency.

    (3) The operator shall certify by signature and date after each responsible person has completed the training and keep the certification at the mine for 1 year.

    (b) The responsible person shall initiate and conduct an immediate mine evacuation when there is a mine emergency which presents an imminent danger to miners due to fire or explosion or gas or water inundation. Only properly trained and equipped persons essential to respond to the mine emergency may remain underground.

    (c) The mine operator shall instruct all miners of the identity of the responsible person designated by the operator for their workshift. The mine operator shall instruct miners of any change in the identity of the responsible person before the start of their workshift.

    (d) Nothing in this section shall be construed to restrict the ability of other persons in the mine to warn of an imminent danger which warrants evacuation.