MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 75.821
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MSHA -  Title 30 CFR

30 CFR § 75.821
Testing, examination and maintenance.

     (a) At least once every 7 days, a person qualified in accordance with § 75.153 to perform electrical work on all circuits and equipment must test and examine each unit of high-voltage longwall equipment and circuits to determine that electrical protection, equipment grounding, permissibility, cable insulation, and control devices are being properly maintained to prevent fire, electrical shock, ignition, or operational hazards from existing on the equipment. Tests must include activating the ground-fault test circuit as required by § 75.814(c).
     (b) Each ground-wire monitor and associated circuits must be examined and tested at least once each 30 days to verify proper operation and that it will cause the corresponding circuit-interrupting device to open.
     (c) When examinations or tests of equipment reveal a fire, electrical shock, ignition, or operational hazard, the equipment must be removed from service immediately or repaired immediately.
     (d) At the completion of examinations and tests required by this section, the person who makes the examinations and tests must certify by signature and date that they have been conducted. A record must be made of any unsafe condition found and any corrective action taken. Certifications and records must be kept for at least one year and must be made available for inspection by authorized representatives of the Secretary and representatives of miners.