MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 77.1301
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 77.1301
Explosives; magazines.

(a) Detonators and explosives other than blasting agents shall be stored in magazines.

(b) Detonators shall not be stored in the same magazine with explosives.

(c) Magazines other than box type shall be:

(1) Located in accordance with the current American Table of Distances for storage of explosives.

(2) Detached structures located away from powerlines, fuel storage areas, and other possible sources of fire.

(3) Constructed substantially of noncombustible material or covered with fire-resistant material.

(4) Reasonably bullet resistant.

(5) Electrically bonded and grounded if constructed of metal.

(6) Made of nonsparking materials on the inside, including floors.

(7) Provided with adequate and effectively screened ventilation openings near the floor and ceiling.

(8) Kept locked securely when unattended.

(9) Posted with suitable danger signs so located that a bullet passing through the face of a sign will not strike the magazine.

(10) Used exclusively for storage of explosives or detonators and kept free of all extraneous materials.

(11) Kept clean and dry in the interior, and in good repair.

(12) Unheated, unless heated in a manner that does not create a fire or explosion hazard.

(d) Box-type magazines used to store explosives or detonators in work areas shall be constructed with only nonsparking material inside and equipped with covers or doors and shall be located out of the line of blasts.

(e) Secondary and box-type magazines shall be suitably labeled.

(f) Detonator-storage magazines shall be separated by at least 25 feet from explosive-storage magazines.

(g) Cases or boxes containing explosives shall not be stored in magazines on their ends or sides nor stacked more than 6 feet high.

(h) Ammonium nitrate-fuel oil blasting agents shall be physically separated from other explosives, safety fuse, or detonating cord stored in the same magazine and in such a manner that oil does not contaminate the other explosives, safety fuse or detonating cord.