MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 77.1911
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 77.1911
Ventilation of slopes and shafts.

(a) All slopes and shafts shall be ventilated by mechanical ventilation equipment during development. Such equipment shall be examined before each shift and the quantity of air in the slope or shaft measured daily by a certified person and the results of such examinations and tests recorded in a book approved by the Secretary.

(b) Ventilation fans shall be:

(1) Installed on the surface;

(2) Installed in fireproof housing and connected to the slope or shaft opening with fireproof air ducts;

(3) Designed to permit the reversal of the air current, and located in an area which will prevent a recirculation of air from the slope or shaft or air contamination from any other source;

(4) Equipped with an automatic signal device designed to give an alarm in the event the fan slows or stops which can be seen or heard by any person on duty in the vicinity of the fan, except where fans are constantly attended.

(5) Offset not less than 15 feet from the shaft; and

(6) Equipped with air ducts which are fire resistant and maintained so as to prevent excessive leakage of air;

(b)(6)(i) Flexible ducts shall be constructed to permit ventilation by either exhausting or blowing methods and when metal air ducts are used, they shall be grounded effectively to remove static and other electrical charges;

(b)(6)(ii) Ducts shall extend as close to the bottom as necessary to ventilate properly.

(c) A qualified person, designated by the operator, shall be assigned to maintain each ventilating system.

(d) The fan shall be operated continuously when men are below the surface. Any accidental stoppage or reduction in airflow shall be corrected promptly; however, where repairs cannot be made immediately, development work below the surface shall be stopped and all the men not needed to make necessary repairs shall be removed to the surface.