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Title 30 CFR Parts 1 - 132
30 CFR Download Page

Below, please find a link to download Title 30 of the Code of Federal Regulations (30 CFR). This is not an official version of the 30 CFR. This is just an accurate representation thereof. This version will also contain updates and amendments that may not currently appear in the published version. Those sections are noted at the top of each section, with the changes further noted in bold. If the changes are based on amendments and/or corrections, as opposed to a final rule change, they are not noted.

This file is a compressed file. Please right click on the link below and SAVE/TARGET AS or SAVE/FILE AS to a directory of your choice. After downloading, you may be prompted to OPEN the file. You may either open it, or double click on the file later, to extract all the files.

There are over 2,500 files requiring over 20 MB of space on your hard drive. Each file represents a section of the 30 CFR and is logically named. In other words, Part 1 Section 1 is named 1.1.htm.

It is important that you extract these files to a directory on your pc that has enough available space to handle all of the files. This application requires over 20 MB of space when extracted.

After extracting the files, you will need an internet browser to view these files. You may either use the FILE/OPEN feature in your browser, or, if you are running a Windows based program, your file manager. You will need to locate the file 0.0.htm in the directory 30CFR. This is the starting point for the 30 CFR. You will then be able to navigate the files.

If you are connected to the internet at the time that you are using these files, external links will work. If you are not, they will not.

We will provide updates to the files as warranted. There is a spot on this page for updates. When an update is available, it will be noted, not only on this page, but under "What's New" on our home page. The update will only involve specific file(s) that have been changed and will result in their replacement.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at

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30 CFR Download  [Current as of 11/24/2010]
    Right Click on the link above and SAVE TARGET AS or SAVE FILE to your PC. (Please make certain that you save this file to a drive that has sufficient space available. These files, when extracted, will take up approximately 20+ MB of space.) After the download has completed, either opt to open file or find file and double click on 30CFRDownload.exe If you have a previous version of this on your PC, allow file overwrites.