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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 14.11


    (a) MSHA may revoke for cause an approval issued under this Part if the conveyor belt--

    (1) Fails to meet the technical requirements; or

    (2) Creates a danger or hazard when used in a mine.

    (b) Prior to revoking an approval, the approval holder will be informed in writing of MSHA's intention to revoke. The notice will--

    (1) Explain the reasons for the proposed revocation; and

    (2) Provide the approval holder an opportunity to demonstrate or achieve compliance with the product approval requirements.

    (c) Upon request to MSHA, the approval holder will be given the opportunity for a hearing.

    (d) If a conveyor belt poses an imminent danger to the safety or health of miners, an approval may be immediately suspended without written notice of the Agency's intention to revoke.