MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 18.38
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 18.38
Leads through common walls.
(a) Insulated studs will be acceptable for use in a common wall between two explosion-proof enclosures.
(b) When insulated wires or cables are extended through a common wall between two explosion-proof enclosures in insulating bushings, such bushings shall be not less than 1-inch long and the diametrical clearance between the wire or cable insulation and the holes in the bushings shall not exceed 1/16-inch (based on the nominal specified diameter of the cable). The insulating bushings shall be secured in the metal wall.
(c) Insulated wires or cables conducted from one explosion-proof enclosure to another through conduit, tubing, piping, or other solid-wall passageways will be acceptable provided one end of the passageway is plugged, thus isolating one enclosure from the other. Glands of secured bushings with close-fitting holes through which the wires or cables are conducted will be acceptable for plugging. The tubing or duct specified for the passageway shall be brazed or welded into the walls of both explosion-proof enclosures with continuous gas-tight welds.
(d) If wires and cables are taken through openings closed with sealing compounds, the design of the opening and characteristics of the compounds shall be such as to hold the sealing material in place without tendency of the material to crack or flow out of its place. The material also must withstand explosion tests without cracking or loosening.
(e) Openings through common walls between explosion-proof enclosures not provided with bushings or sealing compound, shall be large enough to prevent pressure piling.