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MSHA -  Title 30 CFR

30 CFR § 47.91

Exemptions from the HazCom standard.

A hazardous chemical is exempt from this part under the conditions described in Table 47.91 as follows:
Table 47.91.--Chemicals and Products Exempt from this HazCom Standard
             Exemption                    Conditions for exemption
Article...........................  If, under normal conditions of use,
                                    (1) Releases no more than
                                     insignificant amounts of a
                                     hazardous chemical, and
                                    (2) Poses no physical or health risk
                                     to exposed miners.
Biological hazards................  All biological hazards, such as
                                     poisonous plants, insects, and
Consumer product or hazardous       (1) If the miner uses it for the
 substance regulated by CPSC.        purpose the manufacturer intended;
                                    (2) Such use does not expose the
                                     miner more often and for longer
                                     periods than ordinary consumer use.
Cosmetics, drugs, food, food        When intended for personal
 additive, color additive, drinks,   consumption or use.
 alcoholic beverages, tobacco and
 tobacco products, or medical or
 veterinary device or product,
 including materials intended for
 use as ingredients in such
 products (such as flavors and
Radiation.........................  All ionizing or non-ionizing
                                     radiation, such as alpha or gamma,
                                     microwaves, or x-rays.
Wood or wood products, including    If they do not release or otherwise
 lumber.                             result in exposure to a hazardous
                                     chemical under normal conditions of
                                     use. For example, wood is not
                                     exempt if it is treated with a
                                     hazardous chemical or if it will be
                                     subsequently cut or sanded.