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MSHA -  Title 30 CFR

30 CFR § 47.92

Exemptions from labeling.

A hazardous chemical is exempt from subpart E of this part under the conditions described in Table 47.92 as follows:
                    Table 47.92--Hazardous Chemicals Exempt from Labeling
             Exemption                    Conditions for exemption
Chemical substance, consumer        When kept in its manufacturer's or
 product, hazardous substance, or    supplier's original packaging
 pesticide.                         labeled under other federal
                                     labeling requirements.
Hazardous substance...............  When the subject of remedial or
                                     removal action under the
                                     Comprehensive Environmental
                                     Response, Compensation and
                                     Liability Act (CERCLA) in
                                     accordance with EPA regulations.
Hazardous waste...................  When regulated by EPA under the
                                     Solid Waste Disposal Act as amended
                                     by the Resource Conservation and
                                     Recovery Act.
Raw material being mined or         While on mine property, except when
 processed.                          the container holds a mixture of
                                     the raw material and another
                                     hazardous chemical and the mixture
                                     is found to be hazardous under  §
                                      47.21 - Identifying hazardous
Wood or wood products, including    Wood or wood products are always
 lumber.                             exempt from labeling.