MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 48.4
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 48.4
Cooperative training program.

(a) An operator of a mine may conduct his own training programs, or may participate in training programs conducted by MSHA, or may participate in MSHA approved training programs conducted by State or other Federal agencies, or associations of mine operators, miners' representatives, other mine operators, private associations, or educational institutions.

(b) Each program and course of instruction shall be given by instructors who have been approved by MSHA to instruct in the courses which are given, and such courses and the training programs shall be adapted to the mining operations and practices existing at the mine and shall be approved by the District Manager for the area in which the mine is located.

[43 FR 47459, Oct. 13, 1978, as amended at 47 FR 23640, May 28, 1982]

For more information : See MSHA's Program Policy Manual