MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 50.20-5
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 50.20-5
Criteria--MSHA Form 7000-1, Section B.

(a) This section shall be completed for all accidents immediately reported to MSHA as defined in §50.10. Circle the code from the following list which best defines the accident:

Code 01--A death of an individual at a mine;

Code 02--An injury to an individual at a mine which has a reasonable potential to cause death;

Code 03--An entrapment of an individual for more than 30 minutes;

Code 04--An unplanned mine inundation by a liquid or gas;

Code 05--An unplanned ignition or explosion of dust or gas;

Code 06--An unplanned mine fire not extinguished within 30 minutes of discovery;

Code 07--An unplanned ignition of a blasting agent or an explosive;

Code 08--An unplanned roof fall at or above the anchorage zone in active workings where roof bolts are in use; or a roof or rib fall on active workings that impairs ventilation or impedes passage;

Code 09--A coal or rock outburst that causes withdrawal of miners or which disrupts regular mining activity for more than one hour;

Code 10--An unstable condition at an impoundment, refuse pile, or culm bank which requires emergency action in order to prevent failure, or which causes individuals to evacuate an area; or, failure of an impoundment, refuse pile, or culm bank;

Code 11--Damage to hoisting equipment in a shaft or slope which endangers an individual or which interferes with use of the equipment for more than thirty minutes; and

Code 12--An event at a mine which causes death or bodily injury to an individual not at the mine at the time the event occurs.