MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 57.0-1
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR

Subpart K--Electricity


57.12001 Circuit overload protection.

57.12002 Controls and switches.

57.12003 Trailing cable overload protection.

57.12004 Electrical conductors.

57.12005 Protection of power conductors from mobile equipment.

57.12006 Distribution boxes.

57.12007 Junction box connection procedures.

57.12008 Insulation and fittings for power wires and cables.

57.12010 Isolation or insulation of communication conductors.

57.12011 High-potential electrical conductors.

57.12012 Bare signal wires.

57.12013 Splices and repairs of power cables.

57.12014 Handling energized power cables.

57.12016 Work on electrically-powered equipment.

57.12017 Work on power circuits.

57.12018 Identification of power switches.

57.12019 Access to stationary electrical equipment or switchgear.

57.12020 Protection of persons at switchgear.

57.12021 Danger signs.

57.12022 Authorized persons at major electrical installations.

57.12023 Guarding electrical connections and resistor grids.

57.12025 Grounding circuit enclosures.

57.12026 Grounding transformer and switchgear enclosures.

57.12027 Grounding mobile equipment.

57.12028 Testing grounding systems.

57.12030 Correction of dangerous conditions.

57.12032 Inspection and cover plates.

57.12033 Hand-held electric tools.

57.12034 Guarding around lights.

57.12035 Weatherproof lamp sockets.

57.12036 Fuse removal or replacement.

57.12037 Fuses in high-potential circuits.

57.12038 Attachment of trailing cables.

57.12039 Protection of surplus trailing cables.

57.12040 Installation of operating controls.

57.12041 Design of switches and starting boxes.

57.12042 Track bonding.

57.12045 Overhead powerlines.

57.12047 Guy wires.

57.12048 Communication conductors on power poles.

57.12050 Installation of trolley wires.

57.12053 Circuits powered from trolley wires.


57.12065 Short circuit and lightning protection.

57.12066 Guarding trolley wires and bare powerlines.

57.12067 Installation of transformers.

57.12068 Locking transformer enclosures.

57.12069 Lightning protection for telephone wires and ungrounded conductors.

57.12071 Movement or operation of equipment near high-voltage powerlines.


57.12080 Bare conductor guards.

57.12081 Bonding metal pipelines to ground return circuits.

57.12082 Isolation of powerlines.

57.12083 Support of power cables in shafts and boreholes.

57.12084 Branch circuit disconnecting devices.

57.12085 Transformer stations.

57.12086 Location of trolley wire.

57.12088 Splicing trailing cables.

Subpart L--Compressed Air and Boilers

57.13001 General requirements for boilers and pressure vessels.

57.13010 Reciprocating-type air compressors.

57.13011 Air receiver tanks.

57.13012 Compressor air intakes.

57.13015 Inspection of compressed-air receivers and other unfired pressure vessels.

57.13017 Compressor discharge pipes.

57.13019 Pressure system repairs.

57.13020 Use of compressed air.

57.13021 High-pressure hose connections.

57.13030 Boilers.

Subpart M--Machinery and Equipment

57.14000 Definitions.


57.14100 Safety defects; examination, correction and records.

57.14101 Brakes.

57.14102 Brakes for rail equipment.

57.14103 Operators' stations.

57.14104 Tire repairs.

57.14105 Procedures during repairs or maintenance.

57.14106 Falling object protection.

57.14107 Moving machine parts.

57.14108 Overhead drive belts.

57.14109 Unguarded conveyors with adjacent travelways.

57.14110 Flying or falling materials.

57.14111 Slusher, backlash guards and securing.

57.14112 Construction and maintenance of guards.

57.14113 Inclined conveyors: backstops or brakes.

57.14114 Air valves for pneumatic equipment.

57.14115 Stationary grinding machines.

57.14116 Hand-held power tools.

57.14130 Roll-over protective structures (ROPS) and seat belts for surface equipment.

57.14131 Seat belts for surface haulage trucks.

57.14132 Horns and back-up alarms for surface equipment.

57.14160 Mantrip trolley wire hazards underground.

57.14161 Makeshift couplings.

57.14162 Trip lights.


57.14200 Warnings prior to starting or moving equipment.

57.14201 Conveyor start-up warning.

57.14202 Manual cleaning of conveyor pulleys.

57.14203 Application of belt dressing.

57.14204 Machinery lubrication.

57.14205 Machinery, equipment, and tools.

57.14206 Securing movable parts.

57.14207 Parking procedures for unattended equipment.

57.14208 Warning devices.

57.14209 Safety procedures for towing.

57.14210 Movement of dippers, buckets, loading booms, or suspended loads.

57.14211 Blocking equipment in a raised position.

57.14212 Chains, ropes, and drive belts.

57.14213 Ventilation and shielding for welding.

57.14214 Train warnings.

57.14215 Coupling or uncoupling cars.

57.14216 Backpoling.

57.14217 Securing parked railcars.

57.14218 Movement of equipment on adjacent tracks.

57.14219 Brakeman signals.

Appendix I for subpart M National Consensus Standards

Subpart N--Personal Protection


57.15001 First aid materials.

57.15002 Hard hats.

57.15003 Protective footwear.

57.15004 Eye protection.

57.15005 Safety belts and lines.

57.15006 Protective equipment and clothing for hazards and irritants.

57.15007 Protective equipment or clothing for welding, cutting, or working with molten metal.

57.15014 Eye protection when operating grinding wheels.


57.15020 Life jackets and belts.


57.15030 Provision and maintenance of self-rescue devices.

57.15031 Location of self-rescue devices.

Subpart O--Materials Storgage and Handling.

57.16001 Stacking and storage of materials.

57.16002 Bins, hoppers, silos, tanks, and surge piles.

57.16003 Storage of hazardous materials.

57.16004 Containers for hazardous materials.

57.16005 Securing gas cylinders.

57.16006 Protection of gas cylinder valves.

57.16007 Taglines, hitches, and slings.

57.16009 Suspended loads.

57.16010 Dropping materials from overhead.

57.16011 Riding hoisted loads or on the hoist hook.

57.16012 Storage of incompatible substances.

57.16013 Working with molten metal.

57.16014 Operator-carrying overhead cranes.

57.16015 Work or travel on overhead crane bridges.

57.16016 Lift trucks.

57.16017 Hoisting heavy equipment or material.

Subpart P--Illumination

57.17001 Illumination of surface working areas.

57.17010 Electric lamps.

Subpart Q--Safety Programs


57.18002 Examination of working places.

57.18006 New employees.

57.18009 Designation of person in charge.

57.18010 First aid training.

57.18012 Emergency telephone numbers.

57.18013 Emergency communications system.

57.18014 Emergency medical assistance and transportation.


57.18020 Working alone.


57.18025 Working alone.

57.18028 Mine emergency and self-rescuer training

Subpart R--Personnel Hoisting.

57.19000 Application.


57.19001 Rated capacities.

57.19002 Anchoring.

57.19003 Driving mechanism connections.

57.19004 Brakes.

57.19005 Locking mechanism for clutch.

57.19006 Automatic hoist braking devices.

57.19007 Overtravel and overspeed devices.

57.19008 Friction hoist synchronizing mechanisms.

57.19009 Position indicator.

57.19010 Location of hoist controls.

57.19011 Drum flanges.

57.19012 Grooved drums.

57.19013 Diesel-and other fuel-injection-powered hoists.

57.19014 Friction hoist overtravel protection.

57.19017 Emergency braking for electric hoist.

57.19018 Overtravel by-pass switches.


57.19019 Guide ropes.

57.19021 Minimum rope strength.

57.19022 Initial measurement.

57.19023 Examinations.

57.19024 Retirement criteria.

57.19025 Load end attachments.

57.19026 Drum end attachment.

57.19027 End attachment retermination.

57.19028 End attachment replacement.

57.19030 Safety device attachments.


57.19035 Headframe design.

57.19036 Headframe height.

57.19037 Fleet angles.

57.19038 Platforms around elevated head sheaves.


57.19045 Metal bonnets.

57.19049 Hoisting persons in buckets.

57.19050 Bucket requirements.

57.19054 Rope guides.


57.19055 Availability of hoist operator for manual hoists.

57.19056 Availability of hoist operator for automatic hoists.

57.19057 Hoist operator's physical fitness.

57.19058 Experienced hoist operators.

57.19061 Maximum hoisting speeds.

57.19062 Maximum acceleration and deceleration.

57.19063 Persons allowed in hoist room.

57.19065 Lowering conveyances by the brakes.

57.19066 Maximum riders in a conveyance.

57.19067 Trips during shift changes.

57.19068 Orderly conduct in conveyances.

57.19069 Entering and leaving conveyances.

57.19070 Closing cage doors or gates.

57.19071 Riding in skips or buckets.

57.19072 Skips and cages in same compartment.

57.19073 Hoisting during shift changes.

57.19074 Riding the bail, rim, bonnet, or crosshead.

57.19075 Use of open hooks.

57.19076 Maximum speeds for hoisting persons in buckets.

57.19077 Lowering buckets.

57.19078 Hoisting buckets from the shaft bottom.

57.19079 Blocking mine cars.

57.19080 Hoisting tools, timbers, and other materials.

57.19081 Conveyances not in use.

57.19083 Overtravel backout device.


57.19090 Dual signaling systems.

57.19091 Signaling instructions to hoist operator.

57.19092 Signaling from conveyances.

57.19093 Standard signal code.

57.19094 Posting signal code.

57.19095 Location of signal devices.

57.19096 Familiarity with signal code.


57.19100 Shaft landing gates.

57.19101 Stopblocks and derail switches.

57.19102 Shaft guides.

57.19103 Dumping facilities and loading pockets.

57.19104 Clearance at shaft stations.

57.19105 Landings with more than one shaft entrance.

57.19106 Shaft sets.

57.19107 Precautions for work in compartment affected by hoisting operation.

57.19108 Posting warning signs during shaft work.

57.19109 Shaft inspection and repair.

57.19110 Overhead protection for shaft deepening work.

57.19111 Shaft-sinking ladders.


57.19120 Procedures for inspection, testing, and maintenance.

57.19121 Recordkeeping.

57.19122 Replacement parts.

57.19129 Examinations and tests at beginning of shift.

57.19130 Conveyance shaft test.

57.19131 Hoist conveyance connections.

57.19132 Safety catches.

57.19133 Shaft.

57.19134 Sheaves.

57.19135 Rollers in inclined shafts.

Subpart S--Miscellaneous

57.20001 Intoxicating beverages and narcotics.

57.20002 Potable water.

57.20003 Housekeeping.

57.20005 Carbon tetrachloride.

57.20008 Toilet facilities.

57.20009 Tests for explosive dusts.

57.20010 Retaining dams.

57.20011 Barricades and warning signs.

57.20013 Waste receptacles.

57.20014 Prohibited areas for food and beverages.

57.20020 Unattended mine openings.

57.20021 Abandoned mine openings.

57.20031 Blasting underground in hazardous areas.

57.20032 Two-way communication equipment for underground operations.

Subpart T--Safety Standards for Methane in Metal and Nonmetal Mines


57.22001 Scope.

57.22002 Definitions.


57.22003 Mine category or subcategory.

57.22004 Category placement or change in placement.

57.22005 Notice and appeal of placement or change in placement.


57.22101 Smoking (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22102 Smoking (I-C mines).

57.22103 Open flames (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22104 Open flames (I-C mines).

57.22105 Smoking and open flames (IV mines).

57.22106 Dust containing volatile matter (I-C mines).


57.22201 Mechanical ventilation (I-A, I-B, I-C, II-A, II-B, III, IV, V-A, and V-B mines).

57.22202 Main fans (I-A, I-B, I-C, II-A, III, V-A, and V-B mines).

57.22203 Main fan operation (I-C mines).

57.22204 Main fan operation and inspection (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22205 Doors on main fans (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22206 Main ventilation failure (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22207 Booster fans (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22208 Auxiliary fans (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22209 Auxiliary fans (I-C mines).

57.22210 In-line filters (I-C mines).

57.22211 Air flow (I-A mines).

57.22212 Air flow (I-C, II-A, and V-A mines).

57.22213 Air flow (III mines).

57.22214 Changes in ventilation (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22215 Separation of intake and return air (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22216 Separation of intake and return air (I-C mines).

57.22217 Seals and stoppings (I-A, I-B and I-C mines).

57.22218 Seals and stoppings (III, V-A, and V-B mines).

57.22219 Seals and stoppings (II-A mines).

57.22220 Air passing unsealed areas (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22221 Overcast and undercast construction (I-A, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22222 Ventilation materials (I-A, I-B, I-C, II-A, III, V-A, and V-B mines).

57.22223 Crosscuts before abandonment (III mines).

57.22224 Auxiliary equipment stations (I-A and III mines).

57.22225 Auxiliary equipment stations (I-C mines).

57.22226 Testing for methane (IV mines).

57.22227 Approved testing devices (I-A, I-B, I-C, II-A, II-B, III, IV, V-A, and V-B mines).

57.22228 Preshift examination (I-A, I-C, II-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22229 Weekly testing (I-A, III, and V-A mines).

57.22230 Weekly testing (II-A mines.

57.22231 Actions at 0.25 percent methane (I-B, II-B, V-B and VI mines).

57.22232 Actions at 0.5 percent methane (I-B, II-A, II-B, IV, V-B, and VI mines).

57.22233 Actions at 0.5 percent methane (I-C mines).

57.22234 Actions at 1.0 percent methane (I-A, I-B, III, V-A, and V-B mines).

57.22235 Actions at 1.0 percent methane (I-C, II-A, II-B, and IV mines).

57.22236 Actions at 1.0 percent methane (VI mines).

57.22237 Actions at 2.0 to 2.5 percent methane in bleeder systems (I-A and III mines).

57.22238 Actions at 2.0 percent methane (I-B, II-B, V-B, and VI mines).

57.22239 Actions at 2.0 percent methane (IV mines).

57.22240 Actions at 2.0 percent methane (V-A mines).

57.22241 Advance face boreholes (I-C mines).


57.22301 Atmospheric monitoring systems (I-A, II-A, and V-A mines).

57.22302 Approved equipment (I-A and V-A mines).

57.22303 Approved equipment (I-C mines).

57.22304 Approved equipment (II-A mines).

57.22305 Approved equipment (III mines).

57.22306 Methane monitors (I-A mines).

57.22307 Methane monitors (II-A mines).

57.22308 Methane monitors (III mines).

57.22309 Methane monitors (V-A mines).

57.22310 Electrical cables (I-C mines).

57.22311 Electrical cables (II-A mines).

57.22312 Distribution boxes (II-A and V-A mines).

57.22313 Explosion-protection systems (I-C mines).

57.22314 Flow-control devices (V-A and V-B mines).

57.22315 Self-contained breathing apparatus (V-A mines).


57.22401 Underground retorts (I-A and I-B mines).


57.22501 Personal electric lamps (I-A, I-B, I-C, II-A, II-B, III, IV, V-A, and V-B mines).


57.22601 Blasting from the surface (I-A mines).

57.22602 Blasting from the surface (I-C mines).

57.22603 Blasting from the surface (II-A mines).

57.22604 Blasting from the surface (II-B mines).

57.22605 Blasting from the surface (V-A mines).

57.22606 Explosive materials and blasting units (III mines).

57.22607 Blasting on shift (III mines).

57.22608 Secondary blasting (I-A, II-A, and V-A mines).


Authority: 30 U.S.C. 811, 957, 961.

Source: 50 FR 4082, Jan. 29, 1985, unless otherwise noted.