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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 7.83
Application requirements.
(a) An application for approval of a diesel engine shall contain sufficient information to document compliance with the technical requirements of this subpart and specify whether the application is for a category A engine or category B engine.
(b) The application shall include the following engine specifications--
(1) Model number;
(2) Number of cylinders, cylinder bore diameter, piston stroke, engine displacement;
(3) Maximum recommended air inlet restriction and exhaust backpressure;
(4) Rated speed(s), rated horsepower(s) at rated speed(s), maximum torque speed, maximum rated torque, high idle, minimum permitted engine speed at full load, low idle;
(5) Fuel consumption at rated horsepower(s) and at the maximum rated torque;
(6) Fuel injection timing; and
(7) Performance specifications of turbocharger, if applicable.
(c) The application shall include dimensional drawings (including tolerances) of the following components specifying all details affecting the technical requirements of this subpart. Composite drawings specifying the required construction details may be submitted instead of individual drawings of the following components-- (d) The application shall include a drawing showing the general arrangement of the engine.
(e) All drawings shall be titled, dated, numbered, and include the latest revision number.
(f) When all necessary testing has been completed, the following information shall be submitted: