MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 71.500
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR Parts 1 through 199

30 CFR § 71.500
Sanitary toilet facilities at surface worksites; approved sanitary toilets; installation requirements.

     (a) Each operator of a surface coal mine shall provide and install at least one sanitary toilet in a location convenient to each surface work site. A single sanitary toilet may serve two or more surface work sites in the same surface mine where the sanitary toilet is convenient to each such work site.

     (b) Where 10 or more miners use such toilet facilities, sufficient toilets shall be furnished to provide approximately one sanitary toilet for each 10 miners.

     (c) Sanitary toilets shall have an attached toilet seat with a hinged lid and a toilet paper holder together with an adequate supply of toilet tissue.

     (d) Only flush or nonflush chemical or biological toilets, combustion or incinerating toilets, sealed bag toilets, and vault toilets meet the requirements of this section. Privies are prohibited.

(Note to paragraph (d): Sanitary toilet facilities for surface work areas of underground mines are subject to the provisions of § 75.1712-3 of this chapter.)