MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 75.0
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
Editorial Note: Based on FedReg. Doc. E8-30639, compliance dates were set. The compliance dates are as follows:
    Each mine operator shall comply with the following sections by the dates listed below.
        1. § § 75.156(a), 75.350(b), and 75.1731 by March 2, 2009.
        2. § 75.333(c)(4) by March 31, 2009.
        3. § § 75.380(d)(7), 75.380(f), 75.381(e)(5), and 75.381(f) by June 30, 2009.
        4. § § 75.350(a)(2), 75.351(e)(2), 75.1103-4(a), 75.1108(a), and 75.1108(b) December 31, 2009.
        5. § 75.1108(c) by December 31, 2018.
        6. Each mine operator required to use an atmospheric monitoring system under Sec. 75.350(b) shall
           comply with the following sections within 60 days after approval of the mine ventilation plan by the
           district manager.

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                 This section has been split due to its size

Subpart A--General


75.1 Scope.

75.2 Definitions.

Subpart B--Qualified and Certified Persons

75.100 Certified person.

75.150 Tests for methane and for oxygen deficiency; qualified person.

75.151 Tests for methane; qualified person; additional requirement.

75.152 Tests of air flow; qualified person.

75.153 Electrical work; qualified person.

75.154 Repair of energized surface high voltage lines; qualified person.

75.155 Qualified hoisting engineer; qualifications.

75.156 AMS operator, qualifications.

75.159 Records of certified and qualified persons.

75.160 Training programs.

75.161 Plans for training programs.

Subpart C--Roof Support

75.200 Scope.

75.201 Definitions.

75.202 Protection from falls of roof, face and ribs.

75.203 Mining methods.

75.204 Roof bolting.

75.205 Installation of roof support using mining machines with integral roof bolters.

75.206 Conventional roof support.

75.207 Pillar recovery.

75.208 Warning devices.

75.209 Automated Temporary Roof Support (ATRS) systems.

75.210 Manual installation of temporary support.

75.211 Roof testing and scaling.

75.212 Rehabilitation of areas with unsupported roof.

75.213 Roof support removal.

75.214 Supplemental support materials, equipment and tools.

75.215 Longwall mining systems.

75.220 Roof control plan.

75.221 Roof control plan information.

75.222 Roof control plan approval criteria.

75.223 Evaluation and revision of roof control plan.

Subpart D--Ventilation

75.300 Scope.

75.301 Definitions.

75.302 Main mine fans.

75.310 Installation of main mine fans.

75.311 Main mine fan operation.

75.312 Main mine fan examinations and records.

75.313 Main mine fan stoppage with persons underground.

75.320 Air quality detectors and measurement devices.

75.321 Air quality.

75.322 Harmful quantities of noxious gases.

75.323 Actions for excessive methane.

75.324 Intentional changes in the ventilation system.

75.325 Air quantity.

75.326 Mean entry air velocity.

75.327 Air courses and trolley haulage systems.

75.330 Face ventilation control devices.

75.331 Auxiliary fans and tubing.

75.332 Working sections and working places.

75.333 Ventilation controls.

75.334 Worked-out areas and areas where pillars are being recovered.

75.335 Seal strengths, design applications, and installation.

75.336 Sampling and monitoring requirements.

75.337 Construction and repair of seals.

75.338 Training.

75.339 Seals records.

75.340 Underground electrical installations.

75.341 Direct-fired intake air heaters.

75.342 Methane monitors.

75.343 Underground shops.

75.344 Compressors.

75.350 Belt air course ventilation.

75.351 Atmospheric monitoring systems

75.352 Actions in response to AMS malfunction, alert, or alarm signals.

75.360 Preshift examination.

75.361 Supplemental examination.

75.362 On-shift examination.

75.363 Hazardous conditions; posting, correcting and recording.

75.364 Weekly examination.

75.370 Mine ventilation plan; submission and approval.

75.371 Mine ventilation plan; contents.

75.372 Mine ventilation map.

75.373 Reopening mines.

75.380 Escapeways; bituminous and lignite mines.

75.381 Escapeways; anthracite mines.

75.382 Mechanical escape facilities.

75.384 Longwall and shortwall travelways.

75.385 Opening new mines.

75.386 Final mining of pillars.

75.388 Boreholes in advance of mining.

75.389 Mining into inaccessible areas.

Subpart E--Combustible Materials and Rock Dusting

75.400 Accumulation of combustible materials.

75.400-1 Definitions.

75.400-2 Cleanup program.

75.401 Abatement of dust; water or water with a wetting agent.

75.401-1 Excessive amounts of dust.

75.402 Rock dusting.

75.402-1 Definition.

75.402-2 Exceptions.

75.403 Maintenance of incombustible content of rock dust.

75.403-1 Incombustible content.

75.404 Exemption of anthracite mines.

Subpart F--Electrical Equipment--General

75.500 Permissible electric equipment.

75.500-1 Other low horsepower electric face equipment.

75.501 Permissible electric face equipment; coal seams above water table.

75.501-1 Coal seams above the water table.

75.501-2 Permissible electric face equipment.

75.501-3 New openings; mines above watertable and never classed gassy.

75.502 Permits for noncompliance.

75.503 Permissible electric face equipment; maintenance.

75.503-1 Statement listing all electric face equipment.

75.504 Permissibility of new, replacement, used, reconditioned, additional, and rebuilt electric face equipment.

75.505 Mines classed gassy; use and maintenance of permissible electric face equipment.

75.506 Electric face equipment; requirements for permissibility.

75.506-1 Electric face equipment; permissible condition; maintenance requirements.

75.507 Power connection points.

75.507-1 Electric equipment other than power-connection points; outby the last open crosscut; return air; permissibility requirements.

75.508 Map of electrical system.

75.508-1 Mine tracks.

75.508-2 Changes in electric system map; recording.

75.509 Electric power circuit and electric equipment; deenergization.

75.510 Energized trolley wires; repair.

75.510-1 Repair of energized trolley wires; training.

75.511 Low-, medium-, or high-voltage distribution circuits and equipment; repair.

75.511-1 Qualified person.

75.512 Electric equipment; examination, testing and maintenance.

75.512-1 Qualified person.

75.512-2 Frequency of examinations.

75.513 Electric conductor; capacity and insulation.

75.513-1 Electric conductor; size.

75.514 Electrical connections or splices; suitability.

75.515 Cable fittings; suitability.

75.516 Power wires; support.

75.516-1 Installed insulators.

75.516-2 Communication wires and cables; installation; insulation; support.

75.517 Power wires and cables; insulation and protection.

75.517-1 Power wires and cables; insulation and protection.

75.517-2 Plans for insulation of existing bare power wires and cables.

75.518 Electric equipment and circuits; overload and short circuit protection.

75.518-1 Electric equipment and circuits; overload and short circuit protection; minimum requirements.

75.518-2 Incandescent lamps; overload and short circuit protection.

75.519 Main power circuits; disconnecting switches.

75.519-1 Main power circuits; disconnecting switches; locations.

75.520 Electric equipment; switches.

75.521 Lightning arresters; ungrounded and exposed power conductors and telephone wires.

75.522 Lighting devices.

75.522-1 Incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

75.523 Electric face equipment; deenergization.

75.523-1 Deenergization of self-propelled electric face equipment installation requirements.

75.523-2 Deenergization of self-propelled electric face equipment; performance requirements.

75.523-3 Automatic emergency-parking brakes.

75.524 Electric face equipment; electric equipment used in return air outby the last open crosscut; maximum level of alternating or direct electric current between frames of equipment.


Subpart G--Trailing Cables

75.600 Trailing cables; flame resistance.

75.600-1 Approved cables; flame resistance.

75.601 Short circuit protection of trailing cables.

75.601-1 Short circuit protection; ratings and settings of circuit breakers.

75.601-2 Short circuit protection; use of fuses; approval by the Secretary.

75.601-3 Short circuit protection; dual element fuses; current ratings; maximum values.

75.602 Trailing cable junctions.

75.603 Temporary splice of trailing cable.

75.604 Permanent splicing of trailing cables.

75.605 Clamping of trailing cables to equipment.

75.606 Protection of trailing cables.

75.607 Breaking trailing cable and power cable connections.

Subpart H--Grounding

75.700 Grounding metallic sheaths, armors and conduits enclosing power conductors.

75.700-1 Approved methods of grounding.

75.701 Grounding metallic frames, casings and other enclosures of electric equipment.

75.701-1 Approved methods of grounding of equipment receiving power from ungrounded alternating current power systems.

75.701-2 Approved method of grounding metallic frames, casings and other enclosures receiving power from single-phase 110-220-volt circuit.

75.701-3 Approved methods of grounding metallic frames, casings and other enclosures of electric equipment receiving power from direct current power systems with one polarity grounded.

75.701-4 Grounding wires; capacity of wires.

75.701-5 Use of grounding connectors.

75.702 Protection other than grounding.

75.702-1 Protection other than grounding; approved by an authorized representative of the Secretary.

75.703 Grounding offtrack direct-current machines and enclosures of related detached components.

75.703-1 Approved method of grounding.

75.703-2 Approved grounding mediums.

75.703-3 Approved methods of grounding offtrack mobile, portable and stationary direct-current machines.

75.703-4 Other methods of protecting offtrack direct-current equipment; approved by an authorized representative of the Secretary.

75.704 Grounding frames of stationary high-voltage equipment receiving power from ungrounded delta systems.

75.704-1 Approved methods of grounding.

75.705 Work on high-voltage lines; deenergizing and grounding.

75.705-1 Work on high-voltage lines.

75.705-2 Repairs to energized surface high-voltage lines.

75.705-3 Work on energized high-voltage surface lines; reporting.

75.705-4 Simultaneous repairs.

75.705-5 Installation of protective equipment.

75.705-6 Protective clothing; use and inspection.

75.705-7 Protective equipment; inspection.

75.705-8 Protective equipment; testing and storage.

75.705-9 Operating disconnecting or cutout switches.

75.705-10 Tying into energized high-voltage surface circuits.

75.705-11 Use of grounded messenger wires; ungrounded systems.

75.706 Deenergized underground power circuits; idle days idle shifts.

Subpart I--Underground High-Voltage Distribution

75.800 High-voltage circuits; circuit breakers.

75.800-1 Circuit breakers; location.

75.800-2 Approved circuit schemes.

75.800-3 Testing, examination and maintenance of circuit breakers; procedures.

75.800-4 Testing, examination, and maintenance of circuit breakers; record.

75.801 Grounding resistors.

75.802 Protection of high-voltage circuits extending underground.

75.803 Fail safe ground check circuits on high-voltage resistance grounded systems.

75.803-1 Maximum voltage ground check circuits.

75.803-2 Ground check systems not employing pilot check wires; approval by the Secretary.

75.804 Underground high-voltage cables.

75.805 Couplers.

75.806 Connection of single-phase loads.

75.807 Installation of high-voltage transmission cables.

75.808 Disconnecting devices.

75.809 Identification of circuit breakers and disconnecting switches.

75.810 High-voltage trailing cables; splices.

75.811 High-voltage underground equipment; grounding.

75.812 Movement of high-voltage power centers and portable transformers; permit.

75.812-1 Qualified person.

75.812-2 High-voltage power centers and transformers; record of examination.


75.813 High-voltage longwalls; scope.

75.814 Electrical protection.

75.815 Disconnect devices.

75.816 Guarding of cables.

75.817 Cable handling and support systems.

75.818 Use of insulated cable handling equipment.

75.819 Motor-starter enclosures; barriers and interlocks.

75.820 Electrical work; troubleshooting and testing.

75.821 Testing, examination and maintenance.

75.822 Underground high-voltage longwall cables.


75.824Electrical protection.

75.825Power Centers.

75.826High-voltage trailing cables.

75.827Guarding of trailing cables.

75.828Trailing cable pulling.

75.829Tramming continuous mining machines in and out of the mine and from section to section.

75.830Splicing and repair of trailing cables.

75.831Electrical work; troubleshooting and testing.

75.832Frequency of examinations; recordkeeping.

75.833Handling high-voltage trailing cables.


Appendix A Diagrams of Inby and Outby Swithcing

Subpart J--Underground Low- and Medium-Voltage Alternating Current Circuits

75.900 Low- and medium-voltage circuits serving three-phase alternating current equipment; circuit breakers.

75.900-1 Circuit breakers; location.

75.900-2 Approved circuit schemes.

75.900-3 Testing, examinations and maintenance of circuit breakers; procedures.

75.900-4 Testing, examination and maintenance of circuit breakers; record.

75.901 Protection of low- and medium-voltage three-phase circuits used underground.

75.902 Low- and medium-voltage ground check monitor circuits.

75.902-1 Maximum voltage ground check circuits.

75.902-2 Approved ground check systems not employing pilot check wires.

75.902-4 Attachment of ground conductors and ground check wires to equipment frames; use of separate connections.

75.903 Disconnecting devices.

75.904 Identification of circuit breakers.

75.905 Connection of single-phase loads.

75.906 Trailing cables for mobile equipment, ground wires and ground check wires.

75.907 Design of trailing cables for medium-voltage circuits.

Appendix A to Subpart J

Subpart K--Trolley Wires and Trolley Feeder Wires

75.1000 Cutout switches.

75.1001 Overcurrent protection.

75.1001-1 Devices for overcurrent protection; testing and calibration requirements; records.

75.1002 Installation of electric equipment and conductors; permissibility.

75.1003 Insulation of trolley wires, trolley feeder wires and bare signal wires; guarding of trolley wires and trolley feeder wires.

75.1003-1 Other requirements for guarding of trolley wires and trolley feeder wires.

75.1003-2 Requirements for movement of off-track mining equipment in areas of active workings where energized trolley wires or trolley feeder wires are present; premovement requirements; certified and qualified persons.

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