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MSHA - Title 30 CFR

30 CFR § 75.1505

Escapeway maps.

    (a) Content and accessibility. An escapeway map shall show the designated escapeways from the working sections or the miners' work stations to the surface or the exits at the bottom of the shaft or slope, refuge alternatives, and SCSR storage locations. The escapeway map shall be posted or readily accessible for all miners--

    (1) In each working section;

    (2) In each area where mechanized mining equipment is being installed or removed;

    (3) At the refuge alternative; and

    (4) At a surface location of the mine where miners congregate, such as at the mine bulletin board, bathhouse, or waiting room.

    (b) Keeping maps current. All maps shall be kept up-to-date and any change in route of travel, location of doors, location of refuge alternatives, or direction of airflow shall be shown on the maps by the end of the shift on which the change is made.

    (c) Informing affected miners. Miners underground on a shift when any such change is made shall be notified immediately of the change and other affected miners shall be informed of the change before entering the underground areas of the mine.