MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 75.339
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR

30 CFR § 75.339

Seals records.

    (a) The table entitled ``Seal Recordkeeping Requirements'' lists records the operator shall maintain and the retention period for each record.
         Table--§   75.339(a) Seal Recordkeeping Requirements
            Record              Section reference      Retention time
(1) Approved seal design......  75.335(c)(1).....  As long as the seal
                                                    is needed to serve
                                                    the purpose for
                                                    which it is built.
(2) Certification of            75.335(c)(2).....  As long as the seal
 Provisions of Approved Seal                        is needed to serve
 Design is Addressed.                               the purpose for
                                                    which it is built.
(3) Gas sampling records......  75.336(e)(2).....  1 year.
(4) Record of examinations....  75.337(c)(5).....  1 year.
(5) Certification of seal       75.337(d)........  As long as the seal
 construction, installation,                        is needed to serve
 and materials.                                     the purpose for
                                                    which it is built.
(6) Certification of Training   75.338(a)........  2 years.
 for Persons that Sample.
(7) Certification of Training   75.338(b)........  2 years.
 for Persons that Perform Seal
 Construction and Repair.
    (b) Records required by § § 75.335, 75.336, 75.337 and 75.338 shall be retained at a surface location at the mine in a secure book that is not susceptible to alteration. The records may be retained electronically in a computer system that is secure and not susceptible to alteration, if the mine operator can immediately access the record from the mine site.
    (c) Upon request from an authorized representative of the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, or from the authorized representative of miners, mine operators shall promptly provide access to any record listed in the table in this section.
    (d) Whenever an operator ceases to do business or transfers control of the mine to another entity, that operator shall transfer all records required to be maintained by this part, or a copy thereof, to any successor operator who shall maintain them for the required period.