MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 75.389
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 75.389
Mining into inaccessible areas.

(a)(1) The operator shall develop and follow a plan for mining into areas penetrated by boreholes drilled under §75.388.
(2) Mining shall not resume into any area penetrated by boreholes until conditions in the penetrated area can be determined under §75.388 and the plan for mining-through into the area has been approved by the district manager.
(3) A copy of the procedures to be followed shall be posted near the site of the mining-through operations and the operator shall explain these procedures to all miners involved in the operations.
(b) The procedures specified in the plan shall include--

(1) The method of ventilation, ventilation controls, and the air quantities and velocities in the affected working section and working place;

(2) Dewatering procedures to be used if a penetrated area contains a water accumulation; and
(3) The procedures and precautions to be followed during mining-through operations.
(c) Except for routine mining-through operations that are part of a retreat section ventilation system approved in accordance with §75.371(f) and (x), the following provisions shall apply:
(1) Before and during mining-through operations, a certified person shall perform air quality tests at intervals and at locations necessary to protect the safety of the miners.
(2) During mining-through operations, only persons involved in these operations shall be permitted in the mine; and
(3) After mining-through, a certified person shall determine that the affected areas are safe before any persons enter the underground areas of the mine.