MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 75.705-1
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 75.705-1
Work on high-voltage lines.

(a) Section 75.705 specifically prohibits work on energized high-voltage lines underground;

(b) No high-voltage line, either on the surface or underground, shall be regarded as deenergized for the purpose of performing work on it, until it has been determined by a qualified person (as provided in §75.153) that such high-voltage line has been deenergized and grounded. Such qualified person shall by visual observation (1) determine that the disconnecting devices on the high-voltage circuit are in open position and (2) ensure that each ungrounded conductor of the high-voltage circuit upon which work is to be done is properly connected to the system-grounding medium. In the case of resistance grounded or solid wye-connected systems, the neutral wire is the system-grounding medium. In the case of an ungrounded power system, either the steel armor or conduit enclosing the system or a surface grounding field is a system grounding medium;

(c) No work shall be performed on any high-voltage line on the surface which is supported by any pole or structure which also supports other high-voltage lines until: (1) All lines supported on the pole or structure are deenergized and grounded in accordance with all of the provisions of this section which apply to the repair of energized surface high-voltage lines; or (2) the provisions of §§75.705-2 through 75.705-10 have been complied with, with respect to all lines, which are supported on the pole or structure.

(d) Work may be performed on energized surface high-voltage lines only in accordance with the provisions of §§75.705-2 through 75.705-10, inclusive.