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MSHA -  Title 30 CFR

30 CFR § 75.827
Guarding of trailing cables.

     (a) Guarding.

     (1) The high-voltage cable must be guarded in the following locations:

     (i) From the power center cable coupler for a distance of 10 feet inby the power center;

     (ii) From the entrance gland for a distance of 10 feet outby the last strain clamp on the continuous mining machine; and,

     (iii) At any location where the cable could be damaged by moving equipment.

     (2) Guarding must be constructed using nonconductive flame-resistant material or grounded metal.

     (b) Suspended cables and cable crossovers. When equipment must cross any portion of the cable, the cable must be either:

     (1) Suspended from the mine roof; or

     (2) Protected by a cable crossover having the following specifications:

     (i) A minimum length of 33 inches;

     (ii) A minimum width of 17 inches;

     (iii) A minimum height of 3 inches;

     (iv) A minimum cable placement area of two and one half-inches (2 1/2 inch;) high by four and one-quarter inches (4 1/4 inch;) wide;

     (v) Made of nonconductive material;

     (vi) Made of material with a distinctive color. The color black must not be used; and

     (vii) Made of material that has a minimum compressive strength of 6,400 pounds per square inch (psi).