MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 77.0 MSHA-77.0
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR

Subpart A--General


77.1    Scope.

77.2    Definitions.

Subpart    B--Qualified and Certified Persons

77.100    Certified person.

77.101    Tests for methane and for oxygen deficiency; qualified person.

77.102    Tests for methane; oxygen deficiency; qualified person, additional requirement.

77.103    Electrical work; qualified person.

77.104    Repair of energized surface high voltage lines; qualified person.

77.105    Qualified hoistman; slope or shaft sinking operation; qualifications.

77.106    Records of certified and qualified persons.

77.107    Training programs.

77.107-1    Plans for training programs.

Subpart    C--Surface Installations

77.200    Surface installations; general.

77.201    Methane content in surface installations.

77.201-1    Tests for methane; qualified person; use of approved device.

77.201-2    Methane accumulations; change in ventilation.

77.202    Dust accumulations in surface installations.

77.203    Use of material or equipment overhead; safeguards.

77.204    Openings in surface installations; safeguards.

77.205    Travelways at surface installations.

77.206    Ladders; construction; installation and maintenance.

77.207    Illumination.

77.208    Storage of materials.

77.209    Surge and storage piles.

77.210    Hoisting of materials.

77.211    Draw-off tunnels; stockpiling and reclaiming operations; general.

77.211-1    Continuous methane monitoring device; installation and operation; automatic deenergization of electric equipment.

77.212    Draw-off tunnel ventilation fans; installation.

77.213    Draw-off tunnel escapeways.

77.214    Refuse piles; general.

77.215    Refuse piles, construction requirements.

77.215-1    Refuse piles; identification.

77.215-2    Refuse piles; reporting requirements.

77.215-3    Refuse piles; certification.

77.215-4    Refuse piles; abandonment.

77.216    Water, sediment, or slurry impoundments and impounding structures; general.

77.216-1    Water, sediment or slurry impoundments and impounding structures; identification.

77.216-2    Water, sediment, or slurry impoundments and impounding structures; minimum plan requirements; changes or modifications; certification.

77.216-3    Water, sediment, or slurry impoundments and impounding structures; inspection requirements; correction of hazards; program requirements.

77.216-4    Water, sediment or slurry impoundments and impounding structures; reporting requirements; certification.

77.216-5    Water, sediment or slurry impoundments and impounding structures; abandonment.

77.217    Definitions.

Subpart    D--Thermal Dryers

77.300    Thermal dryers; general.

77.301    Dryer heating units; operation.

77.302    Bypass stacks.

77.303    Hot gas inlet chamber dropout doors.

77.304    Explosion release vents.

77.305    Access to drying chambers, hot gas inlet chambers and ductwork; installation and maintenance.

77.306    Fire protection.

77.307    Thermal dryers; location and installation; general.

77.308    Structures housing other facilities; use of partitions.

77.309    Visual check of system equipment.

77.309-1    Control stations; location.

77.310    Control panels.

77.311    Alarm devices.

77.312    Fail safe monitoring systems.

77.313    Wet-coal feedbins; low-level indicators.

77.314    Automatic temperature control instruments.

77.315    Thermal dryers; examination and inspection.

Subpart    E--Safeguards for Mechanical Equipment

77.400    Mechanical equipment guards.

77.401    Stationary grinding machines; protective devices.

77.402    Hand-held power tools; safety devices.

77.403    Mobile equipment; falling object protective structures (FOPS).

77.403-1    Mobile equipment; rollover protective structures (ROPS).

77.403-2    Incorporation by reference.

77.404    Machinery and equipment; operation and maintenance.

77.405    Performing work from a raised position; safeguards.

77.406    Drive belts.

77.407    Power driven pulleys.

77.408    Welding operations.

77.409    Shovels, draglines, and tractors.

77.410    Mobile equipment; automatic warning devices.

77.411    Compressed air and boilers; general.

77.412    Compressed air systems.

77.413    Boilers.

Subpart    F--Electrical Equipment--General

77.500    Electric power circuits and electric equipment deenergization.

77.501    Electric distribution circuits and equipment; repair.

77.501-1    Qualified person.

77.502    Electric equipment; examination, testing, and maintenance.

77.502-1    Qualified person.

77.502-2    Electric equipment; frequency of examination and testing.

77.503    Electric conductors; capacity and insulation.

77.503-1    Electric conductors.

77.504    Electrical connections or splices; suitability.

77.505    Cable fittings; suitability.

77.506    Electric equipment and circuits; overload and short-circuit protection.

77.506-1    Electric equipment and circuits; overload and short circuit protection; minimum requirements.

77.507    Electric equipment; switches.

77.508    Lightning arresters; ungrounded and exposed power conductors and telephone wires.

77.508-1    Lightning arresters; wires entering buildings.

77.509    Transformers; installation and guarding.

77.510    Resistors; location and guarding.

77.511    Danger signs at electrical installations.

77.512    Inspection and cover plates.

77.513    Insulating mats at power switches.

77.514    Switchboard; passageways and clearance.

77.515    Bare signal or control wires; voltage.

77.516    Electric wiring and equipment; installation and maintenance.

Subpart    G--Trailing Cables

77.600    Trailing cables; short-circuit protection; disconnecting devices.

77.601    Trailing cables or portable cables, temporary splices.

77.602    Permanent splicing of trailing cables.

77.603    Clamping of trailing cables to equipment.

77.604    Protection of trailing cables.

77.605    Breaking trailing cable and power cable connections.

77.606    Energized trailing cables; handling.

77.606-1    Rubber gloves; minimum requirements.

Subpart    H--Grounding

77.700    Grounding metallic sheaths, armors, and conduits enclosing power conductors.

77.700-1    Approved methods of grounding.

77.701    Grounding metallic frames, casings, and other enclosures of electric equipment.

77.701-1    Approved methods of grounding of equipment receiving power from ungrounded alternating current power systems.

77.701-2    Approved methods of grounding metallic frames, casings and other enclosures of electric equipment receiving power from a direct-current power system.

77.701-3    Grounding wires; capacity.

77.701-4    Use of grounding connectors.

77.702    Protection other than grounding.

77.703    Grounding frames of stationary high-voltage equipment receiving power from ungrounded delta systems.

77.703-1    Approved methods of grounding.

77.704    Work on high-voltage lines; deenergizing and grounding.

77.704-1    Work on high-voltage lines.

77.704-2    Repairs to energized high-voltage lines.

77.704-3    Work on energized high-voltage surface lines; reporting.

77.704-4    Simultaneous repairs.

77.704-5    Installation of protective equipment.

77.704-6    Protective clothing; use and inspection.

77.704-7    Protective equipment; inspection.

77.704-8    Protective equipment; testing and storage.

77.704-9    Operating disconnecting or cutout switches.

77.704-10    Tying into energized high-voltage surface circuits.

77.704-11    Use of grounded messenger wires; ungrounded systems.

77.705    Guy wires; grounding.

Subpart    I--Surface High-Voltage Distribution

77.800    High-voltage circuits; circuit breakers.

77.800-1    Testing, examination, and maintenance of circuit breakers; procedures.

77.800-2    Testing, examination, and maintenance of circuit breakers; record.

77.801    Grounding resistors.

77.801-1    Grounding resistors; continuous current rating.

77.802    Protection of high-voltage circuits; neutral grounding resistors; disconnecting devices.

77.803    Fail safe ground check circuits on high-voltage resistance grounded systems.

77.803-1    Fail safe ground check circuits; maximum voltage.

77.803-2    Ground check systems not employing pilot check wires; approval by the Secretary.

77.804    High-voltage trailing cables; minimum design requirements.

77.805    Cable couplers and connection boxes; minimum design requirements.

77.806    Connection of single-phase loads.

77.807    Installation of high-voltage transmission cables.

77.807-1    High-voltage powerlines; clearances above ground.

77.807-2    Booms and masts; minimum distance from high-voltage lines.

77.807-3    Movement of equipment; minimum distance from high-voltage lines.

77.808    Disconnecting devices.

77.809    Identification of circuit breakers and disconnecting switches.

77.810    High-voltage equipment; grounding.

77.811    Movement of portable substations and transformers.

Subpart    J--Low- and Medium-Voltage Alternating Current Circuits

77.900    Low- and medium-voltage circuits serving portable or mobile three-phase alternating current equipment; circuit breakers.

77.900-1    Testing, examination, and maintenance of circuit breakers; procedures.

77.900-2    Testing, examination, and maintenance of circuit breakers; record.

77.901    Protection of low- and medium-voltage three-phase circuits.

77.901-1    Grounding resistor; continuous current rating.

77.902    Low- and medium-voltage ground check monitor circuits.

77.902-1    Fail safe ground check circuits; maximum voltage.

77.902-2    Approved ground check systems not employing pilot check wires.

77.902-3    Attachment of ground conductors and ground check wires to equipment frames; use of separate connections.

77.903    Disconnecting devices.

77.904    Identification of circuit breakers.

77.905    Connection of single-phase loads.

77.906    Trailing cables supplying power to low-voltage mobile equipment; ground wires and ground check wires.

Subpart    K--Ground Control

77.1000    Highwalls, pits, and spoil banks; plans.

77.1000-1    Filing of plan.

77.1001    Stripping; loose material.

77.1002    Box cuts; spoil material placement.

77.1003    Benches.

77.1004    Ground control; inspection and maintenance; general.

77.1005    Scaling highwalls; general.

77.1006    Highwalls; men working.

77.1007    Drilling; general.

77.1008    Relocation of drills; safeguards.

77.1009    Drill; operation.

77.1010    Collaring holes.

77.1011    Drill holes; guarding.

77.1012    Jackhammers; operation; safeguards.

77.1013    Air drills; safeguards.

Subpart    L--Fire Protection

77.1100    Fire protection; training and organization.

77.1101    Escape and evacuation; plan.

77.1102    Warning signs; smoking and open flame.

77.1103    Flammable liquids; storage.

77.1104    Accumulations of combustible materials.

77.1105    Internal combustion engines; fueling.

77.1106    Battery charging stations; ventilation.

77.1107    Belt conveyors.

77.1108    Firefighting equipment; requirements; general.

77.1108-1    Type and capacity of firefighting equipment.

77.1109    Quantity and location of firefighting equipment.

77.1110    Examination and maintenance of firefighting equipment.

77.1111    Welding, cutting, soldering; use of fire extinguisher.

77.1112    Welding, cutting, soldering with arc or flame; safeguards.

Subpart    M--Maps

77.1200    Mine map.

77.1201    Certification of mine maps.

77.1202    Availability of mine map.

Subpart    N--Explosives and Blasting

77.1300    Explosives and blasting.

77.1301    Explosives; magazines.

77.1302    Vehicles used to transport explosives.

77.1303    Explosives; handling and use.

77.1304    Blasting agents; special provisions.

Subpart    O--Personnel Hoisting

77.1400    Personnel hoists and elevators.

77.1401    Automatic controls and brakes.

77.1402    Rated capacity.

77.1402-1    Maximum load; posting.

77.1403    Daily examination of hoisting equipment.

77.1404    Certifications and records of daily examinations.

77.1405    Operation of hoisting equipment after repairs.


77.1430    Wire ropes; scope.

77.1431    Minimum rope strength.

77.1432    Initial measurement.

77.1433    Examinations.

77.1434    Retirement criteria.

77.1435    Load end attachments.

77.1436    Drum end attachment.

77.1437    End attachment retermination.

77.1438    End attachment replacement.

Subpart    P--Auger Mining

77.1500    Auger mining; planning.

77.1501    Auger mining; inspections.

77.1502    Auger holes; restriction against entering.

77.1503    Augering equipment; overhead protection.

77.1504    Auger equipment; operation.

77.1505    Auger holes; blocking.

Subpart    Q--Loading and Haulage

77.1600    Loading and haulage; general.

77.1601    Transportation of persons; restrictions.

77.1602    Use of aerial tramways to transport persons.

77.1603    Trains and locomotives; authorized persons.

77.1604    Transportation of persons; overcrowding.

77.1605    Loading and haulage equipment; installations.

77.1606    Loading and haulage equipment; inspection and maintenance.

77.1607    Loading and haulage equipment; operation.

77.1608    Dumping facilities.

Subpart    R--Miscellaneous

77.1700    Communications in work areas.

77.1701    Emergency communications; requirements.

77.1702    Arrangements for emergency medical assistance and transportation for injured persons; reporting requirements; posting requirements.

77.1703    First-Aid training; supervisory employees.

77.1704    First aid training program; availability of instruction to all miners.

77.1705    First aid training program; retraining of supervisory employees; availability to all miners.

77.1706    First aid training program; minimum requirements.

77.1707    First aid equipment; location; minimum requirements.

77.1708    Safety program, instruction of persons employed at the mine.

77.1710    Protective clothing; requirements.

77.1710-1    Distinctively colored hard hats or hard caps; identification for newly employed, inexperienced miners.

77.1711    Smoking prohibition.

77.1712    Reopening mines; notification; inspection prior to mining.

77.1713    Daily inspection of surface coal mine; certified person; reports of inspection.

Subpart    S--Trolley Wires and Trolley Feeder Wires

77.1800    Cutout switches.

77.1801    Overcurrent protection.

77.1801-1    Devices for overcurrent protection.

77.1802    Insulation of trolley wires, trolley feeder wires and bare signal wires; guarding of trolley wires and trolley feeder wires.

Subpart    T--Slope and Shaft Sinking

77.1900    Slopes and shafts; approval of plans.

77.1900-1    Compliance with approved slope and shaft sinking plans.

77.1901    Preshift and onshift inspections; reports.

77.1901-1    Methane and oxygen deficiency tests; approved devices.

77.1902    Drilling and mucking operations.

77.1902-1    Permissible diesel-powered equipment.

77.1903    Hoists and hoisting; minimum requirements.

77.1904    Communications between slope and shaft bottoms and hoist operators.

77.1905    Hoist safeguards; general.

77.1906    Hoists; daily inspection.

77.1907    Hoist construction; general.

77.1908    Hoist installations; use.

77.1908-1    Hoist operation; qualified hoistman.

77.1909    Explosives and blasting; use of permissible explosives and shot-firing units.

77.1909-1    Use of nonpermissible explosives and nonpermissible shot-firing units; approval by Health and Safety District Manager.

77.1910    Explosives and blasting; general.

77.1911    Ventilation of slopes and shafts.

77.1912    Ladders and stairways.

77.1913    Fire-resistant wood.

77.1914    Electrical equipment.

77.1915    Storage and handling of combustible materials.

77.1916    Welding, cutting, and soldering; fire protection.

Subpart    U--Approved Books and Records [Reserved]

AUTHORITY:    30 U.S.C. 811   , 957   , and 961   .
SOURCE:    36 FR 9364, May 22, 1971, unless otherwise noted.