MSHA - Code of Federal Regulations - 30 CFR 77.1707
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MSHA - Title 30 CFR
30 CFR § 77.1707
First aid equipment; location; minimum requirements.

(a) Each operator of a surface coal mine shall maintain a supply of the first aid equipment set forth in paragraph (b) of this section at or near each working place where coal is being mined, at each preparation plant and at shops and other surface installation where ten or more persons are regularly employed.

(b) The first aid equipment required to be maintained under the provisions of paragraph (a) of this section shall include at least the following:

(1) One stretcher;

(2) One broken-back board (if a splint-stretcher combination is used it will satisfy the requirements of both paragraph (b) (1) of this section and this paragraph (b) (2));

(3) Twenty-four triangular bandages (15 if a splint-stretcher combination is used);

(4) Eight 4-inch bandage compresses;

(5) Eight 2-inch bandage compresses;

(6) Twelve 1-inch adhesive compresses;

(7) An approved burn remedy;

(8) Two cloth blankets;

(9) One rubber blanket or equivalent substitute;

(10) Two tourniquets;

(11) One 1-ounce bottle of aromatic spirits of ammonia or 1 dozen ammonia ampules; and,

(12) The necessary complements of arm and leg splints or two each inflatable plastic arm and leg splints.

(c) All first aid supplies required to be maintained under the provisions of paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section shall be stored in suitable, sanitary, dust tight, moisture proof containers and such supplies shall be accessible to the miners.