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Strata Safety Products

Strata Safety Products

The Strata Safety Products proximity detection program began when Frederick Mining Controls (FMC) started working on a proximity system called TramGuard™in September of 2004. This system is based on NIOSH developed technology referred to as HASARD. FMC took the basic HASARD concepts, added numerous features, made it mine-rugged, and tested it on underground mobile machines.

Strata Safety Products assumed responsibility for the FMC HazardAvert™ System in 2010 and FMC continues to advance their system which now supports multiple machines. The latest development is referred to as HazardAvert® .

HazardAvert™ - Underground Proximity Detection

HazardAvert™ is a proximity detection system that establishes a Magnetic Marker Field around a mobile mining machine using a device called a "Generator". The continuous mining machine operator and miners each wear miner-wearable component (MWC). The MWC accurately measures the marker field and provides the operator and miners with an audible sound and a visual alert when they are in a dangerous area. A machine-mounted alert is also provided. The goal of the system is to help train operators and other miners to stay clear of the hazards around the machine. If the machine is closer to a miner than a specified distance, the HazardAvert™ system will stop machine movement. There are many fail-safe features built into the system which ensures that all systems work correctly and to factory specifications, including at least; marker integrity, battery level, communications integrity.

A field trial of the system was conducted at Consol of Kentucky Inc.'s Jones Fork E-3 Mine in November of 2005. During this field test, the system provided consistent warning and shutdown commands and prevented an operator wearing a MWC from entering the hazardous area around the machine. The system components are approved by MSHA as complying with the applicable provisions of Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations (30 CFR) Part 18 .

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