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The S&S Rate Calculator is a tool for mine operators that implement a Corrective Action Program (CAP) with goals for reductions in a mine’s rate of Significant and Substantial (S&S) violations to determine if a mine is meeting its goals. Unlike the POV Monitoring Tool, which allows mine operators, miners and other stakeholders to measure a mine’s performance against MSHA’s specific screening criteria for a Pattern of Violations, the S&S Rate Calculator allows users to calculate a mine’s S&S rate for any specific date range. To use the tool, users will need the mine’s Mine ID number.

Mine ID:
To get your S&S rate calulation, you will need to enter a Mine ID.

Beginning Date:
If you choose not to enter a beginning date, 1/1/2010 will be used.

Ending Date:
Some of the information provided by this application is based on data gathered from various MSHA systems. There may be a lag time in some data being entered into those systems which may be reflected in this application. To ensure that the application generates accurate results, we are backing off the Ending Date by 14 days from today's date.

If you choose not to enter an Ending Date, today's date less 14 days will be used.
If you provide an Ending Date that falls within this range, the same holds true.

It is important to remember that:

  • Only the current operator's history will be used in the evaluation.
  • We are only providing data from 1/1/2010 on.

  • MSHA Mine ID:         Beginning Date:       Ending Date:      

    S&S Citations/Orders per 100 Inspection Hours - 12-month Period 01-Mar-2014 through 28-Feb-2015

    Primary Mine Type/Classification Top 35 Percentile Goal Top 50 Percentile Goal National Rate
    Facility  Coal 1.89 2.52 3.64
    Surface  Coal 1.85 2.55 3.64
    Underground  Coal 2.18 2.75 3.21
    Facility  Metal/NonMetal 4.04 5.14 7.62
    Surface  Metal/NonMetal 5.63 7.59 11.31
    Underground  Metal/NonMetal 2.60 3.36 4.41