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Mine Rescue Day October 30 Mine Rescue Day
In recognition of the tremendous effort of those gallant mine rescuers who have given of themselves to bring safety to others, we in the mining community will from this day forward recognize October 30th as
Mine Rescue Day

Since mining began in our nation, many in the mining community have been called upon to rescue miners trapped by mine fires, explosions, roof falls, inundations of water or harmful gases and other emergency conditions in coal and metal and nonmetal mines.

Those rescuers are miners, mine supervisors, trainers and safety specialists, state and federal mine safety personnel and others who heed the call for help. Many are dedicated volunteers; all are a special breed. The number of times that mine rescuers have placed their own safety and lives at risk to save others during our mining history is staggering. These brave souls undertake some of the most difficult and risky emergency response work, under some of the most arduous and treacherous conditions. Having worked with this special breed during many mine emergencies, I know that first hand.

Many times, these rescuers travel miles in the dark underground mine workings filled with debris and poisonous and explosive gases after devastating mine fires or explosions trying to find missing miners or recovering those who did not survive.

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MSHA, on October 30, 2013, announced recognition of Mine Rescue Day.
MSHA, on October 30, 2013, announced recognition of "Mine Rescue Day." This day commemorates mine rescuers - past, present, and future - and their dedication and resolve.
Robert Glatter, Jeff Duncan, Assistant Secretary Main, and Jeffery Kravitz of MSHA stand before a display at the Academy celebrating the history of mine rescue.