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Teams will be presented a map with all conditions in the fresh air base identified.


Teams will examine all areas of the fresh air base and entrances of areas to be explored. Teams will be required to enter the mine in the No. 2 entry.


TS-1 Team will enter the mine in the No. 2 entry and stop in 2-A intersection. An apparatus check will be required at this team stop. Teams will make stoppings left and right, the gas placard to the right, and the gas placard inby the intersection. Team will advance up the No. 2 entry.


TS-2 Team will stop in the 2-B intersection. Team locates body on the outby imaginary line of 2-A intersection. Team makes caved airtight area in cross-cut to the right, the permanent stopping to the left, and the gas placard just inby 2-B intersection. Team will retreat back to 2-A intersection and airlock into adjacent entries. 


TS-3 Team erects airlock and advances through door in permanent stopping and stops in 3-A intersection (TS-3). Teams will make outby to water roofed and inby to the caved area. An explosive mixture of CH4 extends from the permanent stopping and is confined to the 3-A intersection.


TS-4 Team advances to No.4 entry and stops in 4-A intersection (TS-4). Team makes outby to water roofed and required gas tests inby.


TS-5 Team advances up No.4 entry and stops in 4-B intersection (TS-5). Team makes caved airtight area to the left and caved airtight area inby. Team will retreat back to 2-A intersection.


TS-6 Team erects airlock and advances through door in permanent stopping and stops in 1-A intersection (TS-6). Team is in smoke and all team members must remain on the life-line. Team makes outby to regulator and locates unconscious person. Team rescues unconscious person and retreats to fresh air base. (Team required to place unconscious person under apparatus.)  Team may return to 1-A intersection to continue exploration if they failed to complete prior to removing unconscious victim. Team may pick up 4 timbers outby intersection or may have already done so. Team may set timbers and locate missing person (body) inby 1-A. However, this is not a requirement for them to do so at this time since they cannot see the person in the loose roof.


TS-7 Team returns to No. 2 entry and advances inby to 2-C intersection (TS-7). Team makes gas placard to the left and damaged stopping to the right. Team is required to continue to explore to the left (contaminated entry).


TS-8 Team stops in 1-C intersection (TS-8). Team may pick up 4 timbers at TS-8 and advance outby to 1-B intersection (TS-9). Team can not advance inby 1-C intersection because B cross-cut has not been tied in.


TS-9 Team advances to 1-B intersection (TS-9). Team encounters smoke and a battery scoop on fire. Fire must be extinguished. Team makes the permanent stopping in the cross-cut and locates body next to the permanent stopping. Team ties back outby to unsafe roof.


TS-10 Team retreats back to 2-C intersection and advances to No.3 entry stopping in

3-C intersection (TS-10). Team advances outby to 3-B intersection (TS-11).


TS-11 Team makes outby to caved area, makes caved airtight area to the right, and makes the barricade. When team enters intersection, judges should have the patient behind the barricade begin to read the statement. He should read the statement twice and then wait for the team to acknowledge his presence. He may then read the statement as requested by the team. The 15% oxygen extends to the barricade and will have to be cleared.  Team must ventilate at this point as further exploration is unnecessary to accomplish ventilation.


Patient Statement: Hello, I am behind the barricade. I am alright. It is caved airtight behind me. Please get me out of here. 


Team will now ventilate according to Ventilation Maps to recover patient from barricade. (See Maps)


NOTE: If team short circuits the ventilation through the FAB by opening the regulator, they may exit the mine with the patient without air locking their way out. Be aware of required gas tests, however, when team enters area where ventilation has been changed should they choose to do this. 


TS-12 After rescuing person from behind barricade, team re-enters the mine and advances to 4-C intersection (TS-12).  Team ties back outby to caved airtight area and makes gas placard inby cross-cut. Team advances inby in the No.4 entry.


TS-13 Team stops in 4-D intersection. Team makes water roofed in the cross-cut to the left and makes the face of the No.4 entry.  Water 10" deep extends to the face of No .4 entry. Team retreats back to 3-C intersection.


TS-14 Team advances up No.3 entry and stops in 3-D intersection (TS-14). Team makes water roofed to the right and makes the face of the No.3 entry. Water knee deep extends to the face of the No.3 entry.


TS-15 Team Stop 15 is in 2-D intersection. Teams may advance to this point from 3-D or advance from 2-C (if teams choose to straighten their lifeline). Team locates body at

TS-15 and makes face of No.2 entry.


TS-16 Team Stop 16 is in 1-D intersection. Teams may timber through the unsafe roof in cross-cut or may choose to travel outby and through 2-C intersection over to No. 1 entry and to the face. Team ties back outby and makes barricade inby 1-D intersection. 15% oxygen extends to the barricade and will have to be cleared to locate the body inside the barricade.