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Hello, My name is _____________________. I am superintendent of Raging River Coal Company, Fanny Branch No. 4 Mine here in Sumiton, AL. Thank you for responding in our time of need. Last night, a crew of 7 miners entered the mine with their foreman. They were assigned to service equipment and perform other idle shift maintenance activities on the 9-West Section. At 2:45 a.m., one of the roof bolter operators came out of the mine and reported that he had traveled outby to the mouth of the section looking for starter bits. While returning to the section, he suddenly felt light-headed, somewhat lethargic, and decided to come outside. He stated that he was sure that he was in bad air. The mine foreman attempted to contact the crew on the section and was unable to get them to respond to the mine phone page. He entered the mine and traveled toward the section and experienced the same symptoms as the roof bolter operator and returned to the surface. We started to monitor the mine fan and indications are that we have the possibility of a mine fire. We are located at the fresh-air base established outby the 9-West Section. We have established this regulator here at the fresh air base to assist with future ventilation (point out regulator). The mine has a history of methane, water, and adverse roof conditions. There is a pump on the 9-West Section that can be energized should you choose; however, it cannot be moved. The switch is located here (point out the switch at the FAB). Power to the section has been de-energized inby the fresh-air base. The map you will receive is up to date as of this morning. Back-up mine rescue teams are on site and all officials have been notified. You may begin work when you are ready. That is all the information I have. Thank you and good luck.