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Since 1978, MSHA has issued Certificates of Achievement in Safety to eligible mine operators. The specific rules and requirements to qualify for a certificate this year are referenced below. This certificate is distinct from the Sentinels of Safety award, which is now sponsored solely by the National Mining Association.

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  • Rules
  • Am I eligible?
    If MSHA records indicate that your operation is eligible for a certificate, you will be sent a verification letter. All eligible mine operators who would like to be considered for this must complete and submit their verification information to MSHA.

    If the data on file with MSHA is not correct, new or amended 7000-1 and 7000-2 forms need to be submitted. Operators can review a detailed record of the injury and employment data that they have submitted for their mine properties on the MSHA's Data Retrieval System. Enter your mine ID in the appropriate area, hit Search and then opt for the Overview report on the subsequent page.

    Online Filing
    Electronic submission will be available (after registration for the MSHA E-Gov System). To submit verification information online or verify your eligibility, click here.

    When submitting verification information online, please note that online submissions are required by June 27, 2015.

    Contact Information
    For more information, you may contact us at (303) 231-5449 or via email at